>The best laid plans

>Wasn’t it great to hear from Jenny/Devon yesterday? She turned that post around really quickly, and we have more from her tomorrow.

Well, on Monday I had such great plans, and they started well, they really did. And then I heard the rumbles of a thunderstorm getting closer and closer. I love a good thunderstorm (in case you didn’t already realise), but I could tell this one was going to be a right humdinger. It rumbled dryly for ages and ages, then the first big plops started to fall before the torrent continued. All 3 cats came hurtling in … and it knocked my modem out … At the exact same time, the keyboard and mouse stopped working too, and I thought it had shorted the work station I use that lifts the laptop up to eye height.

I spent the next hour trying to fix this, looking for spare batteries anywhere so I could make sure it wasn’t that that was the problem. I raided clocks and battery chargers, but still the keyboard and mouse didn’t work. I rebooted, switched everything off and on again, waited for the worst of the storm to pass, and tried again. But still it didn’t work – and since I’ve had the wireless keyboard, the laptop has had trouble recognising its own inbuilt keyboard, so I get numbers where letters should be, and capital letters where symbols should be.

I had so much to do, including typing letters and drafting blogs, but I couldn’t do any of it.

At the same time my pedometer packed up too – so that was my modem, my wireless hardware, and my pedometer. Surely things could only get better?

Well, they did … I discovered there was nothing wrong with the keyboard and mouse at all. In pushing the work station towards the back of the desk, and then pulling it back towards me, I’d somehow dislodged the power cable … oops. Yup, it really was a simple as that, which is Very Good, but what a total waste of time.

My library stuff is going to have to be done tomorrow now, and the ironing got pushed away until next weekend – oh dear, how sad never mind.

However, I DID do 30 minutes on the Wii, although the skipping will have to wait, and I did all of my baking, cooking and washing up, and some of the R&R things too.

Yesterday was steady, but nothing to shout about, other than the entire village having no internet due to BT carrying out some essential maintenance. Oh and Tinker, the eldest of my cats, going AWOL. I’m a bit worried because she never, ever does that. I’m hoping she’s not trapped or injured or frightened.

Here is a selection of news stories from today’s Daily Mail Online. I feel as though the world is going barmy at times …

Bloggers NOT entitled to anonymity

UK’s 3rd largest High Street bank national computer failure

Recommended broadband tax on EVERY home in Britain, whether they use it or even can get it

18 year old girl claims she “fell asleep” during the tattooing of 56 – FIFTY SIX -stars on face

And here’s one I’m in 2 minds over: Wheelie bin revolt

It’s not one of my favourite papers, for obvious and political reasons, but they couldn’t make this up … surely …

6 thoughts on “>The best laid plans

  1. Josie 17 June 2009 / 11:07 am

    >is Tinker microchipped?Josie x


  2. Diane 17 June 2009 / 11:10 am

    >Yes, she is … but she may still be registered at the Barratt house. At least the people there know where I am … and I took the phone number with me.


  3. Shirley Wells 17 June 2009 / 11:18 am

    >The world – and Gordon Brown in particular – has gone mad. "Gordon Brown claimed that faster internet access was 'an essential service as indispensable as electricity, gas and water'." Blimey, he'll be thinking that a decent NHS will be of use next.But don't get me going on our unelected PM today. Democracy? Pah.


  4. Diane 17 June 2009 / 11:25 am

    >Isn't there a name for unelected, self-imposed so-called "leaders"?We only just got broadband in The Land That Time Forgot. So many rural communities won't be able to get the high speed connection, let alone choose whether to get it, and by 2012, it'll be archaic anyway. As one of the commentators said, perhaps this is a replacement for the so-called expenses they can't claim any more …


  5. Diane 17 June 2009 / 6:29 pm

    >Thank you, Teresa.


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