>A busy week

>It’s been a busy week over here in Parkinland, starting on Sunday with a drive down to see my parents on Fathers Day. On Monday I went to physio.

When I last went walking I wore my new boots and they tore my feet to shreds. My heels were bruised and bleeding and I’d adjusted my gait to ease the pain a bit. In doing so, I pushed my left hip out and popped my right knee. The hip fixed itself within a couple of days. On the evening after the walk I couldn’t move at all and settled into the warmth and comfort of my lovey settee, then over the next few days walking was more of a hobble. The knee, however, started to click, and before long it was was starting to hurt too. It was either a compensatory injury, or rheumatoid arthritis was setting in. And that’s why I was at physio. It seems it was a compensatory injury and had already started to heal itself, but the physiotherapist gave me a few more muscle strengthening exercises, told me to go walking again, up my yoga, and to get back on the Wii. She only wants to see me again if the pain is still there.

Monday afternoon a Sky engineer came to look at my apparatus. I’ve been calling Sky for weeks telling them there was something wrong with my setup, but they continually and perpetually blamed severe weather conditions, which I accepted. However, when my next door neighbour’s Sky didn’t drop out at the same time mine next did, I insisted on booking an engineer, and they still tried to fob me off. I had to tell them I wanted to pay the £65 and get it sorted, because so far my £17.50 a month was a total waste of money and if I wasn’t getting the service I was paying for, I’d cancel. So the engineer came out, and my dish had fallen forward by about 45 degrees … It’s fixed now.

On Tuesday I was back at this place with Shirley. The weather was gorgeous and Settle was open, so it was heaving with people. The market was in full swing, all the shops were buzzing, and we had a great meal at this wonderful cafe, plus whipped ice cream followed by a pot of tea. How frightfully English. We both came away with purchases, most notably second hand books (I hate used books, but I’m on an economy drive you know …), but when we saw an adorable doorstop for just £3.99 I just had to buy it … especially after the shop owner had got step ladders and dismantled the window display and everything to get it for me.

In my absence, my mate Colin Galbraith provided us with a terrific post, another one that sees to have covered all the bases. You can still see it here – please go along and ask him questions – and you can still see Jenny Storm’s posts here and here.

On Wednesday my keyboard went, and since I’ve had the wireless keyboard, the laptop hasn’t recognised its own keyboard. So I could do lots of mouse-type stuff, but limited keyboard stuff. I charged the keyboard batteries and did mouse stuff instead – i.e. played games – and I washed, hung out and brought in laundry.

Yesterday I decided on a computer-free day, went into town to sort out some banking stuff, and spent 2 hours in the hairdresser.

Today I intend to write up some notes I made on the train to Settle on Tuesday. I’ve been doing this all week, but something else has always come up.

Still no sign of Tinker, but the other 2 are getting on really well. They could rarely be seen in the same room unless Tinker was there umpiring. Now I keep finding them curled up fast asleep on the same bed – the same single bed. There’s progress. So, Tinker, if there was a method in your madness, your job is done. You can come home now.

6 thoughts on “>A busy week

  1. Shirley Wells 26 June 2009 / 4:30 pm

    >I am so glad that Sky engineer sorted out your apparatus. ;o)We (I) did go a bit mad on the books, didn't we?


  2. Julie 26 June 2009 / 11:32 pm

    >Hope Tinker puts an appearance in soon!


  3. devonellington 28 June 2009 / 3:38 pm

    >Feel better soon, and I hope Tinker returns.


  4. Diane 29 June 2009 / 11:33 am

    >Shirley: He was rather nice …Julie: Thank you. Sadly, still no sign …Devon: Thanks to you too.


  5. carolwarham 29 June 2009 / 11:46 am

    >Glad your Sky was sorted, hopefully the knee and hip will be also. No sign of Tinker yet?


  6. Diane 30 June 2009 / 2:33 pm

    >No Carol, not yet. :o( The hip is fine and the knee seems to be improving still, thanks.


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