>A bad blogger

>I’ve been a bad everything these past few days, not just a bad blogger. The main reason is because my keyboard packed up and since I’ve had the wireless keyboard, the laptop hasn’t recognised its own. So I’ve been restricted to mouse work (i.e. games) and whatever I can do on the mobile phone (i.e. not a lot). So I’m very sorry for not being “here” and I’m also very sorry for not being “there” on yours too. At least I’m back at work tomorrow, so if the problem persists, I can do other stuff from there.

Friday night I went out with a new friend I met at a gig a few weeks ago. We went to see a band I’ve not seen for over two years in a club I try to avoid and while the “crowd” was very small (less than 30 of us in a big club), it was quite a good night. Having not seen the band for so long, or with the current line up, the set was refreshing and included a few new songs too.

On Saturday I went out to a charity gig to see 1 new band and another of me ol’ faves. That was a great night. We didn’t expect a large turnout, but the room was full with a brilliant atmosphere, and they raised a nice little sum for charity too.

Yesterday I really, really wanted to go to the seaside, but with my new finance regime in place, and having to pay something out of my wages that was unexpected, I’ve had to tighten the belt even further this month. So I couldn’t really afford the petrol money.

Instead I found a local cricket match. I’m not a fan of cricket – there aren’t enough goals for a start – but I do understand the rules, even if the scoreboard takes a bit more working out. This was Barnsley Cricket Club and I didn’t even know we had one. The weather was glorious, not too hot, and I was able to sit out in the fresh air and sunshine without getting burned for 3 hours and it hardly cost me anything.

Today I need to update my gig list for July and I want to get some groceries. I may also sit and work with a note book too.

3 thoughts on “>A bad blogger

  1. devonellington 29 June 2009 / 1:07 pm

    >Cricket fascinates me, but it doesn't make any sense to me. I like to sit outside on a nice day during a game, though.


  2. Diane 30 June 2009 / 9:46 am

    >Devon: I do follow it, but it bores for England. It was nice to have something going on while I sat in the sunshine, though, and I'll do it again, but I may take a book – novel or note book …Melissa: Thank you. :o)


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