>I have a keyboard …

>… of a fashion.

I still need to get the laptop sorted. It started to overheat on Thursday too, but that could have been me playing on Bejewelled all day (dreadful game, but there’s not a lot you can do with just a mouse). FatBigot suggested it may be a bit fluff-filled, and he may be right. Anyway, I took the wired keyboard back to PC World yesterday, on the way home from work and on the way to the supermarket, but they didn’t have a usb wired one, so I had to go to Staples. I got one, though, for the same price and look <—– it seems to be working …

Big thanks to Shirley for talking me out of the sewing machine consideration. I’ve found my pile of fat quarters and I may do something by hand first. Then, if I get the urge, I’ll see about borrowing a sewing machine. I hadn’t even thought about borrowing one, such is the way we’ve been re-programmed to buy, buy, buy and put everything on the plastic. As I said yesterday, living without credit is a real culture shock.

So, this morning I’m up relatively early for a Saturday as I really, really need to update the gig list. July started on Wednesday and there are too many gigs missing. I don’t want anyone taking any of it personally. I’ll do an hour on everything – an hour on the gig list, an hour on the Wii, an hour on housework, an hour on writing – and go back to the beginning and start again until I run out of hours.

I’m out tonight, very good friends are putting petrol in the car and lemonade down my throat. All I have to do is turn up, and pick them up – although I’m sure there will be a few arguments and fights over how many rounds I do actually buy.

A very happy holiday to all of my American friends – enjoy the weekend. And to my fellow Brits, looks like another scorcher, or at least it is here in the land that time forgot, in the back of beyond, at the end of the road to nowhere …

6 thoughts on “>I have a keyboard …

  1. carolwarham 6 July 2009 / 11:57 am

    >I had a sewing machine for my birthday last month. Got it all set up with lots of ideas, but guess what, trying to find reasonably cheap fabric is a laugh. It is cheaper to buy ready made cushions or clothes. I'm thinking of going to markets further afield, Dewsbury or even Leeds, or does anyone have any other suggestions?


  2. Diane 7 July 2009 / 12:35 pm

    >Devon, I hope so.


  3. Diane 7 July 2009 / 12:37 pm

    >Carol, it might be cheaper to buy ready made, but how well made is it? And how well does it go with your decor/personal taste? I think the markets are the best options, along with sales and bargain buckets and end of rolls.


  4. TheFatBigot 16 July 2009 / 2:34 am

    >I must have made the suggestion by telepathy because I don't think we've had the pleasure. My keyboard fills regularly with ciggy ash and crumbs, I'm not really a fluff sort of chap.


  5. Diane 16 July 2009 / 4:08 am

    >There appears to be two of you. But welcome anyway.


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