>Laptop sorted

>He cleaned it, he tried to prise it apart, he blew dust off, he checked the diagnostics (or something …), but it turned out to be a function button lock … all the letters that were returning as numbers had the number keypad superimposed over the top of them and the function key was locked. Ah well, at least it’s sorted now.

I still have to take the wireless keyboard back, despite the retailer (Staples) trying to convince me that they’re not very reliable anyway and I should try changing the batteries (am I stupid, suddenly?), or twiddling the batteries, or blowing the battery connectors, or making sure the usb dongle isn’t obstructed by the pc, etc, etc, etc … Excuse me, but I paid for it only 3 months ago. It’s supposed to work, it doesn’t, and it’s coming back.

Saturday I had a wonderful evening and came home floating on a cloud while at the same time not trying to be too hopeful. So far, I was right to be wary … but time will tell. Sunday I had a duvet morning, entertained during the afternoon, then watched telly on the night. I saw The Italian Job remake for the first time and was, actually, quite impressed. I do think sometimes that some films ought not to be touched, but I gave it a chance anyway and I’m glad I did. It doesn’t try to be the old Italian Job, just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory didn’t try to be Willy Wonka, and there was another Michael Caine film I thought the exact same thing about … Get Carter. I didn’t really like the original Alfie and I’m not sure I fancy the new one, for the same reasons. But I’m glad I watched all of the above remakes.

Yesterday I was going to sit and work at my laptop, now I have keyboards to choose from. I’d just started when the first thunderstorm of the day came and knocked out my modem. The last time that happened, it knocked out the power too, so I waited patiently for the modem to come back on, saved what I was doing, and calmly and carefully logged off and switched off. Then I went to watch the storm with a cup of tea. When the thunder stopped, I joined Holly on the spare bed so I could listen to the heavy rain for 10 minutes before switching the computer back on … I woke up several hours later absolutely freezing cold, but at least the storm had passed. So I went again to the computer and within minutes of me starting again, another storm came, and this was followed by another. Then last night we had another 3, the first of which also knocked out the signal on my mobile phone.

So I gave up, ran a hot, scented bath, and lay in that while listening to the storm through the open window. There was nothing on telly that I wanted to watch last night, so I couldn’t test the Sky dish.

What a complete waste of a day. Although I do enjoy a good storm.

Today I’m at work and we’ve already had one thunderstorm. We’re protected here with surge things, though. But I did a stupid thing … I left my work laptop at home and had to ask for a loan pc, which arrived less than 20 minutes after I did. It’s a better model than my own one, apparently, and I’ve been told I can’t keep it. Boo!