>The bongo telegraph

>So much for St Swithun’s Day. It’s glorious here at Sleepy Hollow today. I’m doing half a day at work – the middle half …

Bongo telegraph
I don’t just work on the magazine and newsletter. I’m also supposed to help out with all kinds of communication and publicity issues. It’s just that my official title is “editor – RD&T Magazine“.

In these sombre times we need to motivate staff and shout about our achievements, and we also need to encourage new business to keep us afloat. We’re starting with a load of positive initiatives that aren’t going to cost the earth to promote, and various departments are now producing their own publicity material, which is all well and good, but it looks nothing like what our housestyle dictates and often comes across as quite amateurish and messy.

This is where I come in, as C&P, and where our media services department comes in too. We can stylise any publicity material so it all looks as though it’s come from the same company, but make it also look individual enough that it’s obviously a such-and-such a department promotion. And we can take away some of the organisation.

I’m trying to encourage people to come to me to help with content and approach before then moving on to our media services department to produce and distribute literature such as posters. I’ve started with our HR deparment, to which I have a dotted line of accountability. But the bongo telegraph has been at work and I also now have not 1 but 3 – three – health & safety initiatives to help out with, and maybe a 4th …

Interesting times ahead before I go into magazine production on 14 August. Should be fun.

My mobile phone
I wish I had a bongo telegraph for my own personal use, as my mobile phone seems to be on the blip. Texts I’m sending aren’t arriving, or are taking several days. Ditto texts to me. When people ring they sometimes get me, they sometimes get the answerphone, and they sometimes get “Sorry, the number you are calling is temporarily unavailable”.

I think it’s a memory problem, and I know the phone is going to answerphone or message when I’m browsing the internet, so every time I come out of the internet, I have to reset the phone by switching it off and on. Sometimes I also take out the battery and replace it. (Can’t remember how to get the sim card out and it looks like something from The Krypton Factor.)

So, I suppose what I’m saying, without sounding like a Billy-No-Mates, is this. If you send me a text and I don’t reply, I’ve not received it. If you ask me a question in a text and I don’t send you the answer, then I will have but it’s floating somewhere in the ether. If you want to speak to me and keep getting answerphone or message, text me – several times until you get a response – asking for the landline and work numbers. And if you DO get the answerphone – LEAVE ME A MESSAGE. I WILL get back to you.

My contract is up for renewal in September. I don’t know whether to get it seen to before then or wait until I get a new phone. In the meantime, please keep trying.