>Things can only get better

>A week ago last Friday I decided enough was enough and that things could only get better from there on in. So much had gone wrong, some of which may seem trivial to some, but when you’re on your own with no money and no-one to help share the burden, things do inevitably get on top of you. And so I decided that from that day forward, something nice would happen every day. And it did. Sometimes 3 nice things started to happen on the trot; at other times it was as simple as a stranger smiling and saying hello.

At the start of last week, after a weekend of things going right and nicely for a change, I started on the baggage. I started to clear out the garbage steadily, slowly and systematically, cutting out the chaff and keeping the good stuff. By Friday morning it felt as though the sun had started to shine again, and the week was topped off with one of the loveliest of texts coming in late that night.

People may scoff at this “cosmic ordering”, or whatever you want to call it. But so far it’s been working. I may be wishing too hard for one or two things to happen, which haven’t happened yet, yet already the whole thing has had a knock-on effect.

On Thursday I decided on a whim at the last minute to go out. And I had a great night. On Friday I went to my home club to see one of my favourite bands. And I had a great night. Both were with the new gig buddy. Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly doing household chores, shopping, and watching telly. But last night, at the last minute again, I got an invite to go out with the keep fat buddy, her husband and their friend. And I had a great night.

Work-wise, I’ve drafted a query letter, outlined 2 articles and 1 short story, and done some publicity work for the book.

Personal-wise, it seems to be raining men and new friends.

And while I may still be one cat short (wishing too hard …), I do still have 2 others that rely on me for food and shelter. When it rained too hard for them to go out the other night, they actually played together in the living room. That was one of the nicest things to happen too.

Here, then, are (Fats) Domino and Holly being a bit territorial:

Domino scowling: “When are you gonna replace this rotting fence?”

Holly looking absolutely gorgeous as ever:

Domino, still scowling, but isn’t she a lovely, solid black?


Back at work tomorrow when I’ll be transcribing interviews. Oh joy.