>Up with the larks

>It was 5:30am when I suddenly awoke and realised I have less than 9 months to submit my local history book to the publisher. At that point, other things started to course through my mind too: Where was the memory stick with the original material on? Where was the CD with my port folio on? Where was my Rosemary Conley pedometer? Where was the sample Voices book the original publisher sent me 4 years ago? At 5:45am I decided to get up. I found everything, except for the pedometer (the cheap one from Argos needed a new battery and as a battery was dearer than the pedometer, I decided to buy a new pedometer instead, only I’ve not been to Argos or where I have been has been sold out … I should have kept the cheap one and just got the battery changed).

I made my sandwiches and put together a load of other stuff to take to work, including a little desk-top deckchair to hold my mobile phone and a giant highlighter pen-pot with lid containing 4 highlighter pens (the pot is designed to look like a giant highlighter pen). It was far too early to eat – 6am really is waaaayyyyy too early for that – so I added my breakfast to the feast I’d already prepared, and I got in at 7:30am.

It was such a joy to drive an empty road to work, although there were different cars parked in different places, and there were different idiots on different sections on the road. But I was able to choose my parking space when I got here and reverse in to boot. So far it’s still just me, the cleaners and security in my block.

Getting in at 7:30am will give me an additional 90 minutes to myself. This plus my half hour lunch equals a wonderful 2 hours all for me. However, when I got in I found that “blogs and personal sites” had been added to the firewall. So I’m sending this by email to see how it goes. I can titivate it from the mobile phone if necessary, it will just take a while longer and it will serve them right. I DO put my day job on the blog and people use it to find out if I’m in or not. We had them blocked before so I’ll see how it goes. Next to go will be the webmail … but as ours is so rubbish, that IS a legitimate business requirement as the printer has to send the pdfs to my personal address.

Day job
It’s a 4-day week this week. Today I have a meeting at 11am to discuss 3 poster campaigns for our Health & Safety department. I’m also helping out on another poster campaign for our Human Resources department. I have to finalise the magazine flat plan (we had an article drop out last week, which is okay as it’s not deadline yet), get the confirmation emails out, complete a few timesheets (ahem …), and do some diary work. I’m transferring stuff from the diary to our Lotus Notes system so I can get a smaller diary pack this year. When I was working freelance full time, everything was on MS Outlook with alarms reminding me to take a break or move on to the next time segment.

Diary of a book
Because there is less than 9 months left for me to submit my book, I’m pulling out the stops a bit. I’ll probably spend my “me time” today working on that. I have old interviews to word-count and the publicity material to finalise. If I can get there in time, I’ll get the first lot to the Barnsley libraries before close of play today. On another day I’ll do the Rotherham libraries on the way home, but I think Doncaster will be a trip on a bus, possibly next Monday. What an adventure that will be.