>I’m upping my social life, my hobbies and my pastimes, but I’m trying not to take on too much because there are only so many hours in the day. Instead, I’ve decided to do a few things purely for me, and others that can be marketed in some form of writing, but only if I’m interested enough and/or enjoy it enough.

The sewing and knitting I’m doing just for me. I’m watching more programmes on telly, and I read well. I’d like to learn how to use my dSLR camera properly – I could use my old SLR camera perfectly and I’m getting better with the digital compact Panasonic, which is brilliant and covers a lot of what I want it to. But I’d like to have some good quality sharp images of publishable standard. Yes, I can illustrate articles, but I want to be able to do full page and double page spreads, calendars and jigsaws too – or at least to that standard. I want to go back to the football as and when I can afford it, and that will be just for me too.

Walking is something I can share in so many ways. You’ve already seen how many ideas I get just with a quick brainstorm, and not even having to think very hard about it. I see and learn about so much when I’m on a walk that it’s interesting and exciting enough for me to want to write about. Chatting to interesting people is something I enjoy too, and I’m a natural interviewer (apparently).

So, all the stuff in the paragraph above the last one is going to be for me and anyone else that wants to join me. The above stuff is going to be what I also share. I’m going to specialise, plus chuck in the odd things that simply shout for me to write about (like the parenting idea I’ve already mentioned).

I want to try and concentrate on writing for one general interest title, one walking title, and one bird watching title. And that will be my core. Anything else will be a bonus.

Behind all of this too is the day job and the book. (By the way, hands up everyone that noticed the word meter in the side bar shoot up.) And the novel/s, when I get to work on it/them.

Walking holiday
At Easter this year I was supposed to be walking the Thames long distance path, but a few things happened that made that impossible this time (money, cats, being crippled by new walking boots, etc). However, I love walking and it keeps me fit and healthy. So a walking holiday next year will be what I hope my slush fund will pay for.

I have to build up to it, though. I’ve not walked since my new boots nearly killed me. But this weekend I WILL go for a short walk, possibly on Sunday. I’ll start small, and build up gradually until I can comfortably manage 10 miles in a day. And for every single walk I go on, I want to try to get at least one walking article and maybe one other-interest article or short story.

When I can afford to replace the killer boots, I’ll take those out for shorter walks to break them in Saturdays when I’m not at the football.

I’m using the Jarrold pathfinder and short walks guides with the OS Explorer maps. When I do the Thames Path, I’ll also be using the Cicerone guide.

This morning I picked up 3 magazines on my way into work: Country Walking; Bird Watching; and Outdoor Photography. All are for my own interest, 2 are also for market study.