>So I’m on a 3-day week this week, with lots to pack into that short time, and today I’ve not stopped since I got here. It’s been like New Street Station (or Paddington, or Grand Central, please feel to substitute with a busy station of your choice), and some people have been back twice. It’s nice to be popular, though, and I do prefer to be busy.

However, my feet don’t seem to have touched the ground (even though I’ve been seated for much of the day), and my head is spinning. It’s 2:30pm and I only just took my dinner break.

People have been ringing me too, and I’ve been ringing them, just so we can finalise the magazine – I couldn’t get hold of everyone on Friday, it being school holidays lots of staff are out – and I’ve had emails to finalise about 6 posters for our 2 poster campaigns I’ve become involved with. I’ll be tidying those up and getting them submitted to our graphics department just as soon as possible.

This week I also have to give feedback on our new brochure and get some kind of status report on everything drawn up.

And this week doesn’t stop there. With the new month starting on Saturday, I’ve done half of the gig list (A to M) plus the venues for August. Over the next few evenings I have to finish the rest. It got hacked recently, with some silly childish stuff, nothing too serious, just gigs deleted or changed or moved around a bit, so everything was switched off over the weekend while I sorted out security, and I’ve shared the information with my co-poster on the gig list (and co-moderator on the guestbook).

Thursday I hope to go down to Birmingham to take my mom shopping. I promised I’d do that in July and I thought it would be the last Thursday in July as that would normally be a day off and after pay day. Friday night I’m off to Castleford to see another of my favourite bands as their vocalist is leaving after Sunday’s gig and this is the last chance I get to see the current line up.

Saturday will be a day of rest, chores, shopping and telly, then on Sunday I’m walking on the Pocklington Canal with 2 of my Facebook friends. It’s another hour-long walk, but 2 miles this time (we’re only doing a section of it), and we intend to finish at the pub for lunch.

When’s home time? I think I need to go and lie down …