>Brrr. (Pretend I can roll my Rs …) It’s so cold here at the moment, if feels more like October than the end of July. We’re in the middle of the UK’s holiday season and people are considering switching their heating on. I just went for a walk in the rain – real heavy, straight-down, near-torrential rain – and I was wondering if I should have taken gloves. I’m sat in my office with a long-sleeved top and a woollen cardigan over the top. Brrr.

The magazine is finalised, the page plan is full. The 2 poster campaigns are complete, I just have to fine tune before sending everything off. I’ve started to think about our new brochure, and I’m wondering how to breathe life into our website. I have just under 4 weeks before I go into production, and it’s going to be a busy 4 weeks. The rest of this week (well, the rest of today and then Friday as tomorrow is my regular other Thursday off) will be thinking, pondering, contemplating, musing, considering, and no doubt talking to people as and when I see them or they call me up.

Tomorrow I’m in Brum.