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>We had advance delivery of some of the posters this morning, and they look gorgeous. There are still about 4 to come, although I think one of those will be going straight to Wales rather than here. But we’re very, very pleased with them and even forgive my bad grammar in the first sentence. We’re going to call it “user friendly language”. Tut, tut, Diane. Must try harder.

Today would normally be a day off for me, but as I threw a sickie last week and moved last week’s alternate Thursday to this week, I’m here. And I made it by 9am too. I have a lot to do, though. I have magazine work to do again and finalise again, I have brochure work to do, I have video conferences to arrange, and I still have last week’s timesheet to fill in.

Yesterday I got a load of admin done, which included sorting out my online banking. I’ve been doing this a bit blind since switching accounts at the end of June, but I’ve done reasonably well, under the circumstances. I’ve not overspent at any rate. I also shifted a load of correspondence and did some good budget work – very good in that the big red number is starting to get smaller. If we got our contracted bonuses (based on last year’s profits), I’d be in the black already. Well in the black. This is why the freelance work will help – it will subsidise my wages while we wait for them to pay us.

Last night I watched Economy Gastronomy on BBC2. A few of us “old-style” moneysavingexperts(.com) were anticipating this programme with scepticism. We thought the people involved would be buying their food from Harrods and Fortnum and Mason and throwing most of it away and cooking lah-di-dah recipes. But it’s actually quite watchable, very interesting, and still informative, even to some of the most rigid of old-stylers. After yesterday’s 2nd episode, and before Life, I sat down and did a meal plan for the next 2 weeks, a shopping list for this weekend, and I started the meal plan for week 3.

Obviously I don’t have a family of 5 to cater for, but I will try some of the recipes, and maybe buy the book, and do much batch cooking and freezing there-of. I’ve already got my shopping budget down to within around £40 per week, when I was often spending between £75 and £120 (although I did overspend by £8 last week …), but hopefully this will help me bring it down yet further.

The first few meal plans were easy – I’m emptying the freezer of all pre-prepared meals. If I batch cook something every weekend, I’ll soon have a ready supply of my own ready meals, and at least I’ll know what’s gone in them.

It’s a lovely day in Sleepy Hollow. I put on a jumper today because it was chilly yesterday. I think I may overheat …

3 thoughts on “>Economy Gastronomy

  1. Ordinary Man 14 August 2009 / 9:16 am

    >I still think spuermarkets have someone on the door selling LSD. They are always full of people who leave their trollies in the middle of the isle and are staring into space or at the pretty sparkly packets and boxes…Cosmic shopping 🙂


  2. Diane 14 August 2009 / 10:02 am

    >It doesn't always feel like it, Devon. Cosmic shopping, Nidge. Very good. :o)


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