>Can’t get going

>I’m in the office today but I’ve not really been able to get going on much.

Not long after I got here, our head of HR stuck her head around the door and asked me to be on standby from 10am so I could join a fire marshall-type of demonstration that I’d missed previously. So for almost an hour, I couldn’t settle to anything because I knew I could get called to this presentation at any minute. The call came in at 10:50am, so I was twiddling my thumbs and trying to do bitty stuff while at the same time trying to ignore the phone – didn’t want to have to cut anyone short for this “prior engagement”.

A phone call did come in from one of the contributors who wanted to know if I had 2 pages free for him or 4. He was hoping for 2 as he’d not started his article yet, but I still wanted him to provide 4 because … well, read the next paragraph.

Then I had a natter with my boss. Our original deadline for the magazine was this coming Friday, then it was moved to last Friday because he’s on holiday mid-production and wanted to get as much of the translation done as possible. But then our designer let me know his holidays and rather than try and get someone else to understand what I want, we decided to move the deadline back again. We’ve had a few articles come in and 2 of them are 2 pages short, which means I have to find 4 pages. Until all the articles are in, I don’t know how many extra pages we have to fill, but we have 2 pictorial events already in the bag, “just in case”, plus another tomorrow over in Holland.

During this conversation we realised that material put on the magazine database in Holland yesterday hasn’t replicated through to England yet, and it’s only supposed to take 3 hours tops … And this means I don’t have the latest version of one of the articles.

I was just about to break for lunch when my lovely ex-deputy editor dropped by. It was a scheduled visit, we just didn’t know what time it would be, although it had to be before 2pm as he had an off-site meeting then. He’d forgotten he was providing an article, but I didn’t want to lose another 2 pages, so he’s still aiming at 4 pages. He’s really good at writing articles for me because I’ll “brief” him and he’ll write it down while at the same time brainstorming with me and asking for pointers and suggestions. They always come in bang on length and exactly what I asked for.

It was going far too smoothly before, but I’m all out of sorts now and don’t want to settle to anything until I’ve seen what I have to play with. I have to do another brand new running order and I won’t be able to start that until Friday now.

So I can’t get going. It’s one of those days where I think I may as well go home, go to bed early, and when tomorrow comes things will be better, brighter. But as I’m contractually obliged to stay here until 4:30pm …

3 thoughts on “>Can’t get going

  1. Devon Ellington 18 August 2009 / 1:36 pm

    >Oh, I feel for you. Those days are so irritating. Best wishes!


  2. Ordinary Man 19 August 2009 / 12:14 pm

    >Pub time Di! Always a good one for getting the ceative juices flowing…until you fall asleep.


  3. Diane 19 August 2009 / 1:02 pm

    >Devon: If it wasn't their time I'd have plenty to do.Nidge: Now why didn't I think of that yesterday? :o)


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