>One step forward …

>Two steps back. Although we did have some progress today.

My multi-poster campaign was finalised last Friday, copy-wise, but the designer wasn’t in on Friday so she couldn’t make the changes. I wasn’t in on Monday, and when the changes were made, she didn’t think to let me know until after she realised I wasn’t going over there because, well, I didn’t know they were ready. She had left a message on my phone late yesterday afternoon, and I was here till nearly 5pm in the end (found a doctor to go and sit with …). But I didn’t see the light flashing on my phone when I got back to my office and started to close down for the evening.

This morning I was in on time again – I’m doing sooooo well on this just lately, considering I was regularly getting in at 10am before, for several weeks. These past few weeks, since things started to get better, I’ve been getting in at 9am. Then, because I’ve done my 7 hours + 30 min lunch break by 4:30pm, I’ve geen getting off earlier too and, therefore, home earlier. I knew I had a telecon this morning at 9:30am, so I was determined to get in early, and I did – even before 9am.

I still didn’t notice the message light flashing though, until my conference call came in and there was an annoying beep on someone’s handset … my handset. It was my message telling me the posters were ready. It bleeped every few seconds for over 2 hours …

While I was in this meeting, which I’d scheduled in my online diary (that everyone can see) for 3 hours, an email came in from the poster customer saying she needed to okay the posters today and get them printed. Because I was in a meeting, she also got a message to the designer. I finished the meeting, fielded a telephone call, then had a look at the draft posters. Then I went over to the designer to give her my “aesthetic” changes.

I’ve done all I can now and we’re just waiting for the originator to okay the textual changes. Then we can go to print.

I had my dinner break, then just had a quick look over some posters that have come in via corporate … and everyone (so far) agrees that the ones we did ourselves, which arrived last week and were hung by the beginning of this week, look tons better.

The 4-page article I confirmed with the ex-deputy editor yesterday is going to be a day late, as he’s waiting for some input from India and Holland. It’s okay to ask for an extension before the deadline (Friday); but had it just not arrived, I would have been slightly peeved. However, he used to be my deputy editor and I trained him well.

Everything else (sshhhh) seems to be on track …

Over the past few mornings I’ve been greeted by lots of horrible little black flies on my front door and all over my car. They’re not thunderflies (or thrips), but they do remind me of miniature horse flies, or smaller versions of the ones that bit us to death at Point Pelee in Ontario, Canada in 1999. I open the front door, and they fall into the house. They get stuck on the mat and some of them escape again. I get in the car, and they follow me in, then spend the next 30 minutes annoying me by flying around my field of vision.

Today, though, about half a dozen clung to the car in a cluster. I reckon one of them ended up coming to work with me yesterday, and as it survived to tell the tale, they’re all joining in now for a free joy-ride and a chance to sow their wild oats in a different town. They’re probably harmless, but they’re making me feel very riffy. (scratch, scratch, scratch)

Post Script: Do you remember the story I wrote the other week that I thought wouldn’t be suitable for many of our markets? I think I just found an anthology to submit it to … (2:30pm)

2 thoughts on “>One step forward …

  1. Devon ellington 19 August 2009 / 1:30 pm

    >Sounds like you've got it under control. Ick on the flies — I can't stand most insects!


  2. Diane 19 August 2009 / 1:38 pm

    >I'm usually ok with many of them, but these flies are so annoying and creepy, and I don't know why they're there. I've not seen them before.


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