>What a day …

>I got here again on time, so I’m still earning Brownie points there, but I couldn’t get into anything … “deep” again because we’d all been summoned to an all staff meeting at short notice, so I was clock watching for some of the time, faffing with bitty stuff the rest of the time. Then off we all toddled to our meeting, and for the first time in ages we had some good news.

During lunch I thought I’d have half an hour on the gig list, but I forgot to eat. So I was about to munch at about 2:10pm when a call came in: “Diane, you’re supposed to be in our manual handling training, aren’t you?” Um, it started at 2pm. So off I toddled to that. It was a useful workshop and didn’t go on too long.

And now it’s too late to get into anything … “deep” because I’m clock watching again for home time. So I thought I’d sneak in this post while I actually eat my, um, lunch. I shan’t be hungry at tea time but will probably be starved by bedtime.

Tonight I’m taking all the phones off the hook, pulling the curtains and locking the doors. It’s Mentalist night on telly, the last 2 episodes are being shown back to back, but before that there are 2 background programmes on the show too, and I want to treat myself.

And I’m afraid that’s it for today. As I keep saying to folk, I feel like I’m chasing my tail and meeting myself coming back at the moment, but nothing seems to be getting done. Hopefully that will all change tomorrow as it’s deadline day. I’m also gearing up for a weekend of chores, writing, reading and, um, X-Factor. I’m grounded this weekend as it’s a 5 weekend month and I’m living without credit.

3 thoughts on “>What a day …

  1. Melissa Marsh 20 August 2009 / 7:26 pm

    >Ok. I have a confession to make (which is probably completely unrelated to your post). When I was visiting you, I think you said something about "tea time" and I didn't realize that you meant "the evening meal", what I refer to as "supper." I think I said something inane to you like, "Oh, no, I'll be fine. No tea for me!" Ha!


  2. Lori 21 August 2009 / 12:41 pm

    >Diane, it's the bane of our existence. We put it all before our own needs, don't we? Recently I took a Craving Balance course from Lisa Gates. It dealt with this very issue–putting your own needs first so that you feel fulfilled. Very interesting. It's easier to implement once Lisa's kicked your butt (in an existential way). 🙂


  3. Diane 23 August 2009 / 5:19 pm

    >Melissa: I think we got there in the end. :o) In both Birmingham and Yorkshire we call the midday meal "dinner" and the evening meal "tea", then "supper" is for greedy pigs just before bedtime. :oD But many people in the UK do call their evening meal "dinner" and cake and a POT of tea, "tea". Lori: I try to schedule "me" time in too, and I even tick it off as I do it. I find that a great motivation. But sometimes, as with the best laid plans, other things do get in the way. :o)


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