>Slight change of plan

>I spent such a long time in front of the computer on Sunday, updating the gig list for September, that I couldn’t be bothered to cook. Instead, yesterday I baked biscuits (cookies) and later today I’ll do the cottage pies. The biscuits were okay, considering this is only the 2nd time I’ve attempted them. I’m quite surprised they actually taste like biscuits – always amazes me, does that – but I need to be more consistent with my rolling. Some are fat and doughy while others are thin and crispy. The dough was far too sticky – it’s not like making pastry, is it? – so I need to master that. When I have, this will be my basic biscuit mixture and I’ll add currants, cherries, mixed peel, etc, to add variation.

Today it’s finally pay day and while this 5 weekend month of living without credit has been a struggle, I was delighted to start the new month with £13 in my purse and £1 in my bank account. I’m checking the bank account daily now, just to make sure there’s nothing I’ve forgotten.

To celebrate having money again, I filled the car up with petrol (gas), and was left with a bit of a conundrum. At another petrol station, where the fuel was cheaper than at this morning’s at the time, I wasn’t driving on dregs and it cost me £37 to fill up. This morning, with fresh air in the tank, I filled up for £36. This suggests that either one or the other’s pumps aren’t set right … and I know which one I’ll try to go to in future. When I started trying to budget a year or so ago, I was spending just £30 a month on petrol. Now it’s getting closer to £50 a month – such is the increase in fuel prices, and we were already one of the highest in the world.

I get my hair cut on Thursday, which is good as it’s been 5 weeks since the last trim, 9 weeks since the last proper cut, and I’m tripping over my fringe. I also look like the wild woman of the west again as it goes naturally curly/wavy when it needs cutting.

To continue the celebration, but very well budgeted, I’m off to Huddersfield Friday night to see a mate in his current band’s penultimate gig. Huddersfield is quite the jaunt for a Friday night after work and I may need Saturday to recover. I’ll probably do my shopping on Saturday too, so I get home earlier on Friday. On Sunday I’ll probably go visit Mom and Dad, if they’re in, then on bank holiday Monday I have a 3-line whip to attend a local charity music festival. I’m taking Tuesday off so I feel as though I’ve had a bank holiday. Bank holidays are just like any other week seeing as I don’t do Mondays, and I was starting to feel a bit cheated. So I’m taking Tuesday off and calling it my bank holiday.

Ah yes, Holly started to forget to limp yesterday … by this morning it was gone. I think she’ll live.

At work I’ve had a bit of a dilemma. Two of our articles came in short, and I’d rather find something else to fill the space than ask the author to pad. So we did very well and got the space filled with extra articles. Then the final 2 articles came in at 2 pages over – each – which is also good because I wasn’t expecting one of them at all, and the author of the other wasn’t sure he could stretch it to 2 pages per language (I told him as soon as he got going it would come naturally, and so it did).

As part of our little contribution to cost cutting and weathering the storm, I’ve relented and gone down to a 28 page magazine. I like 36 pages, my boss likes 32 pages, and 28 pages was our sacrifice. We have to go up in pages of 4, and preferably 8s, but we definitely don’t do 2s. So while I’m 2 pages over, I also have 2 pages of news that would have served as fillers, but we don’t need fillers. So the good news is, until I receive instruction to the contrary from on high, I’m working on a 32 page magazine this time, plus a UK insert. Whoo-hoo!

Of course that also means I’m going to be busy. Very busy. Starting today. I’m about to go into my busiest 3 – 4 weeks of the quarter anyway (3 weeks of frantic working; 1 week of boring waiting), so if I disappear, you know why.

See you on the other side. Play nicely.

2 thoughts on “>Slight change of plan

  1. Teresa Ashby 25 August 2009 / 8:38 pm

    >The price of petrol is frightening isn't it!You certainly are going to be busy! Don't disappear for too long!I'm so glad to hear that about Holly!


  2. Diane 28 August 2009 / 8:42 am

    >I'll be popping in every couple of days or so. :o)


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