>"INSIDE" Scout Dyke

>I’ve been to Scout Dyke 3 times in the 5 years I’ve been here and each time has been different. The first was a walk, the second was a photo shoot, and this time, today, I was able to walk on the reservoir bed and explore inside the weir, due to a very low water level.

I had a little chat with one of the fishermen. He was just leaving with his permitted 2 rainbow trout (would that be a brace?). He told me they have to put any brown trout back, that they’re not allowed to keep any trout in a net, and they’re only allowed to take 2 fish home. So he’d caught his 2 – quite big ones, by all accounts – had cleaned them and thrown the guts back for the ducks.

Then I went for my wander. Here’s another of the fishermen I encountered:

This is the best I could get of this bumble bee:

My macro photography seems to be improving – finally:

It’s very rare to get this close to the pump tower. You can even see the regular water level marks on the wall:
This is the top of the weir – totally dry:

Here’s a perspective shot so you can see how big the thing is (that’s me, by the way):

This is the bottom of the weir. You can see how stagnant the water is at the moment:

And here is what it looks like when you’re at the bottom of the weir:

Here is the wind farm:

This vegetation would normally be growing on the reservoir bed:

There are more pictures in my Facebook, this album is open for everyone to view.

Enjoy the pictures.


8 thoughts on “>"INSIDE" Scout Dyke

  1. >Scout Dyke is only about 10 mins from my home. I've never seen it so low. I've just come back from a week in the Lakes and water levels are very low there. Although the rain arrived with me (it usually does) it was not enough to make the slightest difference.


  2. >Carol: I could hardly believe it when I saw the water level so low. I even texted a friend that we must need rain. I joked on Facebook that I cosmicly ordered rain, and when we woke up this morning, there it was. 😮 We do need a lot more, though.Devon: You're very welcome.


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