>Welcome back

>Due to infection by virus and death by laptop the blog (and the gig list) was taken off air for 2 days over the weekend. Apologies to everyone that tried to hop on and found the temporary notice. I have to get my laptop re-formatted – or replaced – so now am restricted to what I can do from work. Much of my work is done in longhand first anyway, and I can borrow a laptop to do any electronic work. I’ll just be limited to my internet work, which probably won’t be such a bad thing after all and may do wonders for my addiction.

So, to the weekend …

Friday started out very bad. Very, very bad indeed. I was called in the early hours and asked to change all my plans for that evening so I could give moral support, and when I got there it was chucked back in my face and I was accused of being a trouble maker. I couldn’t be arsed to argue, it wasn’t worth it. So I said goodbye and walked away. I reverted back to my original plan and went to see my mates, Heavy Load, over in Doncaster. We had an absolutely fantastic night and I got home on a high.

I did pull one of the finest nutters ever, though, before I’d made it the 4 feet from the door to the bar. Everyone in the room thought it was absolutely hilarious, but by then I was just about sick of loonies and nutters and other lost causes and I wasn’t in the mood to entertain him. Fortunately the lovely sound engineer made a human shield of himself because he could tell I wasn’t a happy bunny, bless him.

Saturday I had my viral problems and really didn’t have time to sit and sulk or analyse or try and work out what I did wrong, and anyway, I didn’t do anything wrong. I switched everything off via the mobile phone and had some me time. I also announced the attempted retirement of the nutter magnet … I won’t hold my breath.

Sunday, with no computer, I couldn’t start NaNo even if I was going to, and I couldn’t start confidential job #1 either. I could have stayed in and sulked that day instead, but I picked myself up and dragged myself over to my local RSPB reserve … where I wore (amongst other things) a very sexy rain hat (har, har) and got chatted to by 3 different men. I’m meeting one of them again this weekend … ;o)

I dashed back, had some tea, did a quick lick n slap-on, then collected the keep fat buddy so we could go and see our other mates, Rock Legacy, over in Ackworth. And what a belter of an evening we had with them.

Today I’ve snuck into the office to abuse the IT facilities. I want to sort out the stuff for confidential job #1, and then I’m going home again. If this job is confirmed, I’ll be able to replace the laptop. Fingers crossed.