>In a state of shock

>I’ve been struggling with finances for such a long time and this year I decided to take the bull by the horns and banish all credit from my environment. I transferred into a financial management plan (FMP) and suspended all previous bank accounts, credit agreements, overdrafts, etc. I’ve been living without credit since June, and it’s been very, very hard.

Just as I thought I’d control it, we lost our quarterly bonus at work and then quite a few unexpected bills came in that had to be paid and had to come out of my wages.

I vowed to replace the bonus and set about finding additional freelance work, then confidential job #1 arrived, for which I received my purchase order yesterday so I think that means I got the gig. (Yayyyy.) This one replaced the bonus all by itself, but I must NOT get complacent. Then we got offered a goodwill bonus from work. (Better than a kick in the teeth.) Then Father Christmas arrived early. (Thank yooooooooo.) And then – THEN – we received notification that we’d get a full bonus after all. (DOUBLE WHAMMY!)

In less than 3 weeks’ time I’ll be back in the black for the first time in … forever. And big time. I still can’t quite believe it’s going to happen and keep asking people: “Did that email really say that this morning?”

I’m going to enjoy the feeling for a while, then I may get my car serviced and valeted, and then I’ll up my FMP in the new year. At some point I’ll also probably replace the laptop with a nice, shiny new one. (Thank you, Santa Claus.)

Other good stuff
On Wednesday the lovely virtual office buddy took a look at my laptop and agreed it was probably D. E. Double D. Dedd. He did take it away “for a few days” but warned that I “may have to get a new one”.

Ten minutes later he was back. My laptop was fixed. It was something he could solve after all.

When I got home, Santa had been.

On Thursday I took my car in to have the rear end looked at but the chap that ran into me decided it was too much for him to pay cash so we are going through the insurance. The car needs a new bumper, a new bumper lining, it needed 2 new lightbulbs, plus the labour. My insurance company solicitors took over the handling of it and I’m to fax them the quote I got from my garage, plus my driving licence (all parts), plus 2 forms of identification for when they hire a car for me.

Later yesterday afternoon the purchase order arrived for confidential job #1.

This morning I dropped by on my way to work to get the lights fixed. I can manage with a dented bumper but I could get tugged for 2 rear lights out.

Not long after I got in, the email arrived from work about our bonus.

Day job
It’s deadline day next Friday and already I have 3 articles in and a selection of photographs.

The weekend
Tonight I intend to work on confidential job #1.

Tomorrow I go for a walk up Wharncliffe Crags with the bloke I met last Sunday, then I’ll do more work on confidential job #1. I’ll also try and get some more gigs uploaded to the gig list.

On Sunday one of the blokes I used to rock and drink with 26 years ago in Birmingham is coming all the way from Worcester for a visit, I’ve not seen him for about 15 years. I’ll do a bit more work on confidential job #1, then Sunday night I’m going to see another of my favourite bands, Infinity.

This morning on my drive to work a truck came towards me with the following stamped above the cab:


I had to read it twice. :-/

Y’all have a good one.