>Can you see my word meters?

>I seem to be having a problem seeing my word meters. Sometimes, at work, this is due to an over-enthusiastic firewall. Usually, at home, I can still see them. At the moment, I can’t. At either place. Our firewall may be over-performing today, tomorrow I may be able to see them again. At home, I may need to reinstall a version of Java or Flash or something.

Please let me know if you can see them or not. If nobody can, then it may be Writertopia.

EDIT: Ah, this could be due to NaNoWriMo. I’ve done some research and, apparently, word meters aren’t offered in November any more, and existing ones fall over due to the excess and sudden rush. Fingers crossed it’s only temporary. (10:30am)

Big thanks to one of my workmates for pointing me in the direction of our home version of MacAfee. We get a few packages like this in case we work on our home computers and I suppose it’s in the company’s best interest to ensure we’re also virus-free. I’ve located the file, saved it to memory stick, and will load that next time I fire up the laptop at home. Then I can cancel the one I pay for via my phone/broadband bill which is obviously complete rubbish.

I had a good trip to the dentist yesterday. He let me off a filling this time, but I may need to have one, or two, next time.

Today I’m in the office. I have 3 articles in for the magazine already and I’d like to get those off to the designer so he can start on layout. We have a tight turnaround on our Winter issue as it needs to be on everyone’s desks in time for the Christmas break.

I need to write a story that features Tucker’s Funfair.