>Today should have been a day in the office, but as we’re not in production yet and as my deadline for the confidential job is Tuesday morning, I moved today to next week. I’ll have 2 x 4-day weeks on the trot.

On Monday I spent most of the day finishing the gig list for November. Today I’ll take some library books back and then crack on with this big job.

I have about 15 books to donate to the library but being a natural hoarder I’m dithering about those I haven’t read yet – decluttering the bookshelf so I can put my writing, reference and text books in there. The ones I’ve not read are historicals and I want to read them when I’m writing my own. I keep telling myself they’ll still be at the library when I need them, among hundreds of others.

Yesterday I ordered 4 books, 2 used that I can’t get from the library, and 2 new for my own reference library. I have my next Stephen Booth and Reginald Hill coming (Hill wrote the Dalziel and Pascoe books but this isn’t one of those), plus a book on travel writing and another on psychic development for beginners.

Quite a nice day ahead I think.