>Mucky pup

>And so yesterday, just as I was leaving the house to go to the library, the postman brought me a(nother) nice cheque. This meant a detour to the bank. I’ve sold my dSLR camera and as soon as the cheque clears I’m to post it off to the new owner complete with insurance. Therefore I had to get it banked ASAP so it clears ASAP.

Because I was in town that meant I nipped into WH Smiths, but I was very good and only bought a Daily Mirror and a Daily Telegraph. Two extremes, yes, but there was a method to my madness. More on this shortly.

On the way back I decided to give my car its first treat in over a year – I stopped off at a hand wash place and paid for their “gold” service, which included inside doors and shiny tyres. It took 4 of them forever to get my car clean. Honestly, there was algae growing on the inside of the boot where the boot lid meets the body and the grime on the roof was so thick I wondered if the seals would still work. They did such a good job I dropped a tip in their box, and because I tipped them, they squirted some air freshener at my mat well on the passenger side. I can still smell that today.

By the time I got to the library it was closed for lunch – that’s how long it took them to get my car clean. What a mucky pup. I nipped home and made myself a bacon sarnie, then went back, took my books back, donated 15 books, and came back with another 5. I’m going to be doing a lot of reading.

When I got back I studied the 2 newspapers. This is a fourfold thing:

1. I can read about the news;

2. I clip out stories to use in Devon’s 5 in 10 course;

3. I have to choose 2 national stories from a daily to reproduce for a local for my Writers’ Bureau course;

4. Writing Feature Articles also asks us to as a first exercise.

So I spent a good hour studying the newspapers. I won’t be doing the exercises that Writing Feature Articles asks me to as they don’t lead anywhere other than exercising that writing muscle, and that’s a waste of time for me – I’m exercising it daily. But it is useful to see what the author is getting at and helps me to focus.

I clipped out a number of stories from the broadsheet (Telegraph) to use for parts 2 and 3 above, but the tabloid went in the bin intact.

Once I did that and put it on ice to cool and percolate in the background, I got on with the confidential job and got 12 of my 72 pages sorted. Only 60 to go …

Today is deadline day at work and I have articles in. There are still some not here yet, but they have until the end of the day. One person has until Tuesday morning, as that’s when I’m back in, and another has a couple of weeks due to topical stuff.

I have a busy weekend ahead as I have to finish confidential job #1. I thought my deadline was Tuesday, and it is, for me, but my purchase order gives me until Thursday, which is a help. I’m spoiled for choice as far as gigs are concerned. There are more than 50 in my area on Saturday alone. And I also have 2 new books to read.