>Nasty weather

>I had such plans for the weekend, there were over a hundred gigs to choose from and I was going on a short walk as part of my shoe-breaking programme. But when I woke up on Saturday, the weather was really nasty and I seemed to have a bit of a throat. I got a text from the walking buddy, who’d braved the weather rather than tackle the ironing, and he’d got drenched. I don’t mind getting wet at all, but when I have a bit of a throat it’s best to keep it at bay. The weather was much nicer yesterday, but very cold.

And so I worked, and read, and cooked. I made 6 individual chicken and vegetable pies and managed to pinch my hand between the knife and something else while tackling a particularly stubborn swede, but I didn’t realise until afterwards that there was a deep cut at the base of my index finger. (How?) And instead of try and choose who to go and see, I worked Saturday evening too. And watched a bit of telly.

I finished one library book and started another, I did the weekly supermarket shop, and I did lots of theory work for confidential job #1. I tried to find some videos to help me with this online, but there were only two, so this morning I got up early to watch an episode on telly. I went back to bed to let it stew for an hour or so, and today I write.

The weather is nasty again today – I can’t believe Holly went out in it. I expect she’ll be in again soon enough.