>Two 4-day weeks

>I’m in production now on the Winter magazine. We have a tight turnaround on this one as it has to be on everyone’s desks in good time for the Christmas break. I took one of my Thursdays in off, so I could work on something else, and I’m doing that one this week instead, so that means 2 x 4-day weeks on the trot.

I’ve already got a few articles that don’t seem to be turning in, but that’s ok for now as I had too many pages anyway, if you remember. I’ll drop back down to a 28-page with the option to still run to 32 pages if a 4-pager comes in after all, but as it’s already late, and as we have a tight turnaround …

I’ve almost finished confidential job #1. I wanted to watch a few episodes of a programme before finalising the fiction parts of the project and I could only see 2 online. So yesterday and today I got up early to watch episodes on the telly and I think I have a few more ideas for the fiction.

This morning I have to go through all the articles already in for the magazine. I have people sorting out additional pictures, and one of the authors wants to pop over to see me. By lunchtime I hope to be able to spend a short time on the confidential job and I may stay over after work to do a bit more. My self-imposed deadline is today, but my actual deadline is Thursday … silly people … :o)

Last night I watched a programme about Enid Blyton on the BBC, starring Helena Bonham Carter. I don’t know how accurate the storyline was, but it made me think: what an evil, vindictive woman. Either that or, as Bonham Carter is reported as saying, she was completely bonkers. I think I prefer to believe the latter, particularly as she was known to suffer from dementia in her later years. I’d like to find out more so may see if there are any biographies. I know there’s a new memoir due out by Blyton’s first husband’s third wife (I understand he was married when he met Blyton), but that may be slightly biased.

The nasty weather seems to have subsided. It’s sunny and still today, compared to high winds further north.