>Burning the candle

>Ee, it’s been a long time since I burned the candle at both ends, but I’m doing it this week. With one deadline today and being in production on the magazine, I’m working all day at work then taking more home to work on in the evening. Last night I finished at 11pm, but as it’s stuff I’m enjoying, it’s hardly a chore at all.

Because I’m so busy it means I don’t have a lot else to talk about just now. So today I’m going to direct you to Devon for a mini tour of Washington DC. She’s been there this week and there are pictures and highlights. (I think she’s on her way home to NY now, though.) I particularly like the war memorials, and I think my dad might like to see those pictures too. So pop along for a bit of a travelogue.

Today I am the wild woman of the west again. I forgot to dry my hair before going to bed. Again.