>The smell of baking

>I wish I could capture how the house smells today and share it. I love the smell of baking and that’s what I’ve been doing.

I did promise myself I’d take it easy this weekend so I started with a nice long lie in. Then I began the day – or what was left of it – by making bread, proppa bread making and not in the bread maker, so that provided several different aromas throughout the day.

Also in the oven were a lime meringue pie, some jam tarts, and to finish, a farmhouse chicken casserole with dumplings.

Once I mentioned dumplings on Facebook, loads of people were hooked and there were dumplings galore for tea all over Facebookland.

Last night I stayed in to watch Children in Need but was so tired I went to bed at 10pm. Tonight is another in front of the telly until I wilt again.

And the house STILL smells delicious.