>The dark ages

>It’s been dark as night during the day these past few days. Sometimes it’s been raining, sometimes it’s been foggy or misty, and sometimes, like today, it’s just overcast.

I did have quite the successful weekend off and I got lots of reading done. Hardly switched the telly on, though. Yesterday, when I was going to be quite busy, I woke with the mother of all headaches. I’d finally been to a gig the night before, my first in 3 weeks, but I’d not danced or had a drink and they’re not the loudest of bands. But I woke with this headache. And it lasted all day. All. Day. Not a migraine, just a horrible headache. Thankfully it’s gone today, but I still lost yesterday.

Today is a bit of a slow one. I was supposed to be in a meeting for 2 hours this morning, but it got condensed into a very quick highlights session that lasted all of 15 minutes. I’ve done just about all I can with just about everything I have in and I’m waiting for pictures before I can send the remaining material off to be printed. If it continues to be a slow week, I may move this Thursday in to next Thursday, as we should have lots of proofing to do by then.

Nothing much else to report at the moment. I’m feeling very dull and uninteresting at the moment …

Oh, but I had a bit of a rant on the guestbook, if anyone’s interested … Post no 15187.