>The furore over in clubland seems to have been resolved to some extent with the “wronged” party being offered a compensatory replacement. But it’s not the same and I think the members of the particular club will need more than that to mollify them for losing their New Year’s Eve party. BUT, enough of that. I’m not going into it other than the redirection from the post below as the people concerned – the band members – are very private and won’t appreciate it.

My headache was gone by yesterday morning but I’m still feeling a bit drained for some reason. We had the single last remaining already-agreed-to-be-late article possibly pulled due to illness. It was delayed due to something topical being required. If it were me, I would have written the rest and added the topical stuff in as it came in, maybe sent in what I had when I had it, knowing full well it was already holding up production. But hey, everyone isn’t me, this work is aside from their regular contracted job and they don’t get paid for it. However, it has made me phsysically sag, I can feel it.

We have sunshine today but it’s very cold, and poor old Cumbria has been threatened with more rain on top of floods already there. I have friends up there and I’m thinking of them.

Please go and give Toni a hug. Thank you.