>Christmas in Canada

>I started to toy with what to do over the holiday season this year and I came up with Christmas in Canada or New Year in New York. The thought had barely made its leap from my head onto Facebook when, faster than the speed of light, an invite came in from Canada. I did a quick trawl of current available flights and was astounded that many of them came in under £400, and some under £350. This is sooooo cheap. Last time I went to Canada – 10 years ago – flights were closer to the £800 mark. I WILL be able to afford this … but possibly not until later in December, so I need to do some creative accounting. If I could find a sponsor, I could probably manage New Year in New York too, seeing as Ontario is just over the border, Niagara way. I need to do some research.

I didn’t get a holiday this year. I’ve been quite strapped for cash and don’t forget, I don’t have access to any credit any more. I know I whinge about this every so often, but it’s such a liberating achievement and you learn the value of money again. I need to do some juggling, but I hope I’ll at least manage to see my brother and his family at some point over Christmas.

Christmas in Canada, New Year in New York, Thanksgiving in … I think I’d like to experience an American Thanksgiving. If flights stay this low, I might just manage them all …

Today I’m in the office but I have to scoot off early for an appointment. It’s going to be a bit of a heads down day. Once I’ve completed all of my obligations I want to start thinking of article ideas so that this break (a) can be offset against tax, and (b) will hopefully be covered. I just need to fork out the money in the first place.

I nicked the top picture from here.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends.