>Fishguard in February

>It probably won’t look like this:

(Pic from here.)

After much thought and deliberation, I think I’ve decided on my next overdue holiday. A slight come down from Christmas in Canada or New Year in New York, but I really want to spend proper time planning those trips so I can maximise their potential.

Ever since it began I’ve wanted to go to the Writers’ Holiday in Caerleon, but I’ve never managed it yet. I’ve done a writer’s retreat at home, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but I’ve never made any of the writing holidays. Well, this year I think I’m going to go for the winter writers’ holiday in Fishguard, provided by the same people. Lynne Hackles will be there and it’ll be great to catch up with her again after all of these years.

It’s only a weekend, but if it’s any good, i.e. if I find it of use or inspirational, then I might take the plunge and go for the full week in July.

I had a good weekend. Friday night I drove over to Sheffield for a friend’s birthday, and on Saturday I drove into Castleford to see some mates in their band. I had a relatively easy weekend in that I didn’t have an entire day baking, and anyway, I’ve only just caught up on the mountain of washing up from last week. I really shouldn’t have this much washing up. There’s only me, although I often think one of everything looks a bit sad and lonely. Perhaps I should give it a go.

What else did I do? A few bitty things, some admin, some diary work, lots of reading, some research, some writing bits. And the grocery shopping.

Today I have magazine stuff with me at home to work on, I have some extra work to do for confidential job #1, and I have the gig list to update. It’s December tomorrow and I’ve barely scratched the surface due to being so busy over the past fortnight. I’ve already cleared that washing up and gone around bleeding radiators. It’s going to be a long and busy day.