>The deed is done

>I booked my long weekend in Fishguard and I’ve asked for the novel writing workshop. I’ll get an invoice so I can pay the deposit, and closer to the date I have to send in a chapter and synopsis. I’m going a day earlier so I can explore the little port and I’ve booked a free pickup from the railway station, that’ll save me worrying about driving, parking, and polluting the environment, and it means if I have chance to go anywhere while I’m there I have to walk.

This week I’m supposed to be attending a conference on behalf of my boss. I’ll actually save the company something like £500 if I go instead of him, but they are making it sooooooo awkward. The conference is, like, 7 miles away from my parents, so they were going to have the cats but I was only going to claim the mileage from my normal place of work to the venue and back, naturally.

I’m not going into detail but they’re making it so difficult and making me feel so guilty – coming back on a Saturday was also a problem for them – that I may say it’s just not possible for me to attend. I see people wasting money all over the place here when we’re doing our bit to reduce costs, and I’m getting grief over this? Rubbish. I’ll see what my boss says tomorrow.

I also fail to see what business it is of anyone else what private arrangements I make regarding my cats.

This morning we awoke to our first proper frost of the winter. I even had to scrape my car. It’s bitterly cold, but the ground is firm underfoot and the sky is blue.

7 thoughts on “>The deed is done

  1. The villager: 1 December 2009 / 4:02 pm

    >Your picture of Fishguard is wonderful….don't suppose it'll be quite so appealing at this dark time of year, but you never know.


  2. Melissa Marsh 1 December 2009 / 4:33 pm

    >Ahhh…a writing holiday! It sounds wonderful. I need to do that.


  3. Suzanne Jones 1 December 2009 / 8:27 pm

    >Fishguard's lovely – I grew up not far from there. I'm sure you'll have a great time.Hugs re the work hassles – some people are just born awkward. Of course you have to make arrangements for your cats and, as you say, it's nobody's else's business.XX


  4. Lacey Devlin 2 December 2009 / 2:16 am

    >It's disgustingly sunny and hot here. Does that make you feel better or worse? I think a writing holiday is just what the doctor ordered and now that you're going you can take me with you 😉


  5. Diane 2 December 2009 / 10:09 am

    >Villager: The beauty of this country, in my opinion, is that when it's dark and dismal it can also be atmospheric. February will be a good time to be cooped up indoors, but I don't mind a drop of rain either and if there are storms I'll enjoy watching the sea.Melissa: I think one would do you the world of good. Long way for you to come, mind … :o)Suzanne: They can question my integrity and my work ethics until the cows come home, but the thing that really, really, REALLY annoyed me was them presuming to suggest I abandon my cats for UP TO FOUR DAYS. Lacey: I'm actually a winter person, so I prefer it cold and icy as opposed to hot and stuffy, although I do like the sunshine as well. It'll be nice to see you. :o)


  6. Devon Ellington 2 December 2009 / 1:55 pm

    >HOw terrific that you booked the workshop. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time.Sorry your bosses are being such a pain. Amazing how, if it's a top exec, they bend over backwards to do everything top of the line, but if it's anyone else, and anyone who's actually being sensible and frugal, they try to micromanage and nickel and dime you to death. Would be nice if you could tell them to stuff it.


  7. Diane 2 December 2009 / 2:04 pm

    >Devon: Had my boss just booked paid for his flight over from Europe, they wouldn't bat an eyelid, yet li'l ol' me going and saving the firm loads of money gets nit-picked. I did tell them to stuff it and got "if it's part of your job you have no choice", and they got back "it isn't – I was doing my boss, that's my MANAGER, a favour".


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