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I finally seem to be managing to just use one of everything at home – one cup, one plate, one dish, one set of cutlery, one glass, etc. And because I’m using one of everything, the washing up is a lot quicker. I’m currently running a daily to-do list and my list includes such mundane things (at the moment) as “make tea” and “wash up”. I have so much to do just now, this is the only way I make sure all, or most, of it gets done. Using one of everything makes for a much tidier kitchen too.

Today I started working to rule. I can pick nits with the best of them and as long as I do my job, meet my objectives, and keep my boss happy and satisfied, outsiders can keep their bloomin’ noses out. I took my grumblings to the trade union, just to have a whinge really, and I’m not going to say much more about it here, for obvious reasons, apart from … they weren’t surprised.

So I’m working to rule and today that means 3.5 hours starting at 1pm. Even the people I work with sometimes forget I only work part time.

I did a few errands this morning as a result – took some library books back, dropped a repeat prescription into my GP, bought myself a nice lunch, picked up some magazines for market study – and this next 2 hours are going to be that market study. I think I’d like to specialise in “the great British outdoors” as that covers so much that I’m interested in.

I picked up 4 magazines that might be interested, including one I’d never even heard of. I already receive a 5th, quarterly, as part of my RSPB membership, which I’ve already written for in the past. I think I’m going to target 3 of them at least, starting with a proper introductory contributor’s pack via snail mail – colour cuttings look so much nicer on first approach than hot links to various places on the internet.

I also started working on my reflections on the year. My goals and resolutions were actually going quite well right up until about June or July when everything started to go wrong again, including Tinker disappearing. I have emerged from that dark period, although I still grieve for Tinker every so often (it’s the not knowing more than anything else) and I am lighter by one or two other things. But the negativity seems to have dispersed and I can look forward with positivity again.

I have a feeling 2010 is going to be a Good Year. Holidays, I’ve decided, are going to be walking or writing related, but I am planning for that biggie, Christmas in Canada, and giving myself a whole year to work up to it and sell the idea before I get there.

3 thoughts on “>One of everything

  1. Becky 3 December 2009 / 2:22 pm

    >a good idea to write down things we need to do. I should do that too. Well I earmarked the next 20 minutes for a few errands on my way to work…its freezing out there…so I better get on with them. Xmas in Canada next year..what a lovely thought..and it will come round quick !


  2. Diane 3 December 2009 / 2:34 pm

    >I'm a list-a-holic, I have lists for everything. When you're mostly working on your own with no-one to pat you on the back every so often, that long line of ticks makes you feel a lot better. :oD


  3. Suzanne Jones 4 December 2009 / 8:37 pm

    >I hate washing up – I felt cheated (still do) when I lost the dishwasher in my divorce (lost the house too, but that's another story).XX


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