>Can’t think of anything suitable …

>These pictures could have been taken just for me. I love ’em.

When I woke this morning (early, thanks to the lovely kitties …) I had a feeling of doom and gloom, not for my sake but for others. I thought, it’s gonna be a bad news at work day for some today … We shall see.

I’m a bit annoyed because yesterday I picked up what I thought was the latest Writers’ Forum, i.e. December, but this morning found out that January’s went on sale … on 3 December. That’s yesterday … [sigh] I thought newsagents, particularly big ones, sent any old, unsold copies back when the new ones came in.

I’m waiting on pdfs for the magazine. I have to send a reminder email off when I send the last of the pictures.

I have additional work to do on the confidential job due to graphics restrictions, so I’ll do that this weekend.

Also this weekend: I’ll be doing my weekly grocery shopping on the way home tonight and staying in; tomorrow will be chores and writing work; tomorrow night I have a date in Sheffield with a bloke from work and 3 Gothic bands; Sunday, weather and workload permitting, I may drive down to see my parents.