>Can’t think of anything suitable …

>These pictures could have been taken just for me. I love ’em.

When I woke this morning (early, thanks to the lovely kitties …) I had a feeling of doom and gloom, not for my sake but for others. I thought, it’s gonna be a bad news at work day for some today … We shall see.

I’m a bit annoyed because yesterday I picked up what I thought was the latest Writers’ Forum, i.e. December, but this morning found out that January’s went on sale … on 3 December. That’s yesterday … [sigh] I thought newsagents, particularly big ones, sent any old, unsold copies back when the new ones came in.

I’m waiting on pdfs for the magazine. I have to send a reminder email off when I send the last of the pictures.

I have additional work to do on the confidential job due to graphics restrictions, so I’ll do that this weekend.

Also this weekend: I’ll be doing my weekly grocery shopping on the way home tonight and staying in; tomorrow will be chores and writing work; tomorrow night I have a date in Sheffield with a bloke from work and 3 Gothic bands; Sunday, weather and workload permitting, I may drive down to see my parents.

5 thoughts on “>Can’t think of anything suitable …

  1. Devon Ellington 4 December 2009 / 1:02 pm

    >Yeah, around here sometimes they don't get around to swapping out the magazines for awhile. YOu always have to read the date or who knows what you end up with. Frustrating.


  2. Suzanne Jones 4 December 2009 / 8:34 pm

    >I'm annoyed with myself for buying two Take a Breaks this week (double issue no less) – thought one of them was Fiction Feast. My own fault though, should learn to pay attention when I'm shopping.Have a great weekend.XX


  3. Teresa Ashby 4 December 2009 / 10:35 pm

    >What fantastic pictures. Such beauty in snow and ice – I shall try to remember that next time I am slithering along cursing it.


  4. The villager: 7 December 2009 / 10:08 am

    >I'm enjoying the stunning icy pictures on your blog.


  5. Diane 7 December 2009 / 10:21 am

    >Devon: I used to think that over here and then they all went out and out to make sure they sent the old ones back. If they're starting to keep them again, I'll get back into the habit of checking again. I got the right one in the end. :o)Suzanne: I've done that so many times myself, usually when I can ill afford it.Teresa: I do the slithering and cursing too, but I still love it. I'm definitely a winter person.Villager: They really are beautiful, aren't they? :o) Not sure how to top them this week …


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