>And so it begins


If this gorgeous colourful picture doesn’t get me in the mood, nothing will. I found this picture here. I’d love the photographer to know I’ve used the picture so I can credit him/her and maybe redirect everyone to his/her website (if there is one). But the gallery in question doesn’t seem to have the facility to contact the actual owner (a widget would be great), yet instructs us to obtain permission or delete the picture. This is fair enough, but at least tell us how to get the permission, or have the courtesy to leave your own name and contact details.

I receved an email yesterday to say the confidential job had gone for approval, and after one more batch of pdfs, I signed off the magazine for printing. Then I breathed a huge sigh and thought: Let the fun begin.

So last night I thought I’d write out the overseas cards, but when I picked up the box of “50 assorted Christmas cards” I found it was full of birthday cards, as was the box of birthday cards beneath it. That means my box of Christmas cards is in the loft, along with the rest of Christmas. I’m not really in the mood yet to go crawling around up there, so I’ll nip up to the local shop and pick up a few so I can catch the last posting date for America and Canada before the end of today.

Other jobs today include diary work for the freelance calendar. Yes, folks, in January I become a writer again.

When I’m freelancing I do 4 tasks per month – research, query, write, submit. In January I should be researching (or thinking) July, querying (or marketing) June, writing May, and submitting an edited April. So last night, because I’ve already missed the first few stages, I started to think about what I could write and submit on spec for May and April. Over my Christmas holiday I’ll start “thinking” June, and by the time January starts I should at least have something on the boil for all of it.

Once the routine has settled, I start to think “reprints” too – and these are straight reprints, rather than rewrites, that can be sold as previously published without having to do any additional work. That’s why I tend to hold onto my copyright. It is true that some, maybe many, will need reworking to fit different markets, but I sell what I can first without doing anything to it to maximise earning potential for minimal work.

Saying that, if they pay me a fair wage in the first place in return for them getting the copyright, they can have it – so long as it’s a hefty, decent fair wage, and I’ll rework it anyway. But until then, hey ho.

So, that’s …

  • a trip to the shop
  • freelance diary work
  • a trip to the post box
  • Lycra Louts #1
  • Devon’s 5 in 10 (I’ll pick up a paper from the shop too)
  • The Beast Within Ch1 #2
  • maybe some Writers’ Bureau work (I’ll look at the notice board at the shop)
  • read Writers’ Forum

I’d best get on with it …