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> Not strictly Christmas baubles, but this is the Christmas cover of our winter magazine. It was printed on Thursday and should have been delivered to IJmuiden on Friday. We should get ours by Wednesday at the latest. I asked the designer for “a sprig of holly or something”, and he chose this lovely Christmas rose. Don’t these girls look like they’re having fun?

It was nice and frosty yesterday on the drive to work, so much so I felt like parking up and going for a tramp across the fields. But I was due at the office. Depending on what I end up doing tonight, and the weather of course, I may go walking tomorrow, or I may go to an afternoon gig, or I may go to a teatime gig, or I may go to an evening gig, or I may stay in and work.

Today I have an errand to run, I have a choice of 2 gigs this evening, one in Leeds or one in Sheffield, then again, there’s always X-Factor

Yesterday I did my shopping on the way home, filled the petrol tank, then slobbed and read and watched telly.

7 thoughts on “>Sneak preview

  1. Becky 12 December 2009 / 10:35 am

    >I have to go to work today..but I would much rather be doing some of those things ! I will have to look out for some more gigs to go to at Holmfirth next year. I love the run out there across the Moors and it is such a great venue.Thats a great mag cover.


  2. Diane 13 December 2009 / 7:03 pm

    >Becky: Perhaps we could meet up at Holmfirth for a gig?Thanks, everyone. I'm pleased we went with "my" cover this time. I think it sums up the season nicely.


  3. Becky 13 December 2009 / 7:19 pm

    >Just seen that Nick Kershaw is playing there in Feb….fantastic !! That's a coincidence ..as I just bought his CD at HMV today for a Xmas presi. Yes ..Would be fun to meet there !You go to lots of gigs..is it for leisure..or part of your job ?


  4. Diane 13 December 2009 / 7:28 pm

    >When I left my husband 4 years ago we'd only been in Yorkshire 2 years and it was a good way to meet new people. Within 12 months my "private" gig list had become public knowledge and now it and the guestbook are more popular than I ever imagined. It's a hobby that went a bit barmy. 🙂


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