>May ideas giveaway

> On Thursday my “quick scan” of date-related article ideas for April threw up 41 suggestions, and I reproduced 20 of them here in a bit of a free for all. When I did the same for May, I came up with 67. These are just quick looks and I’m not really trying very hard. It doesn’t include the events diary for the year that I can either sell ahead of time, or attend this year and sell next year – and they’re only my freelancing ideas. I’ve not even touched short story or novel ideas.

I really don’t understand it when people say: “I don’t know what to write about” or “I don’t have any ideas”. Well, here, have a few more of mine, 30 in fact. I can afford to be generous as I have far, far too many. May is a month of festivals heralding the start of spring, so naturally there are literally hundreds of things to choose from. Here are just a few.


  • 3 May – Avoiding Day
  • 8 May – Floral Dance Festival, Cornwall
  • 10 May – Dotterel Day
  • 12 May – Old May Day
  • 12 May – St Pancras Day
  • 13 May – Garland Day, Abbotsbury
  • 14 May – Pag Rag Day
  • 23 May – Mayoring Day, Rye
  • 26 May – St Augustine’s Day
  • 27 May – St Bede’s Day
  • 29 May – Memorial Day
  • 29 May – Castleton Garland, Derbyshire
  • 29 May – Arbor Tree Day, Ludlow
  • 30 May – Trinity
  • 31 May – The Duke de Morrow rides, Essex

Anniversaries/date specific
(Remember to double check the dates before going too far)

  • 1 May 2010 – Randwick Wap, Stroud begins
  • 5 May 1760 (250 years ago) – the Tyburn Tree used for the first time
  • 5 May 1930 (80 years ago) – Amy Johnson began her solo flight from Croydon to Australia
  • 5 May 1980 (30 years ago) – the SAS stormed the Iranian Embassy and released the hostages, leaving all but one of the terrorists dead
  • 6 May 1910 (100 years ago) – death of King Edward VII
  • 7 May 1980 (30 years ago) – Paul Giedel released from Fishkill Correctional Facility in New York after serving 68 years and 8 months
  • 9 May 1860 (150 years ago) – J M Barrie born, Kirriemuir
  • 14 May 1940 (70 years ago) – Home Guard formed, called Local Defence Volunteers
  • 15 May 1940 (70 years ago) – nylons launched in US
  • 19 May 2010 – Beating the Bounds, Morpeth
  • 20 May 2010 – Throwing the Kitchels, Harwich
  • 24 May 1930 (80 years ago) – Amy Johnson landed at Darwin
  • 24 May 1970 (40 years ago) – Menai Bridge damaged by fire
  • 26 May 1950 (60 years ago) – petrol rationing ended in Britain
  • 27 May 1940 (70 years ago) – Operation Dynamo began

Who can’t come up with something out of that lot? And remember, I’ve kept a load for myself too. It would take forever to reproduce them all anyway. I’m going to concentrate on some of the Yorkshire traditions and festivals and a few more of the ancient fertility and religious festivals. Hopefully there will be fewer for June.

I had such big plans for this weekend, so many gigs to choose from. But yesterday I woke up with “a bit of an ear” as opposed to my usual “bit of a throat”, and by lunchtime it had got steadily worse. I did my errands, then when I got home I took my ears, some drugs and one of the cats back to bed, and I woke up several hours later. I’ve had another lazy day today and I’m hoping I’ve avoided a full blown ear infection. It’s always the way when I’ve been burning the candle at both ends. Soon as the work drops off, so too do my defences and I catch the first thing going.

I have a beautiful writing bag now. I bought it from fellow blogger and friend Josie. She makes lots of lovely things and this shoulder bag is roomy enough for an A4 wallet folder, magazines, and several books. That’s why it’s my new writing bag – I’ve been looking for something suitable for ages and I had loads of fun this afternoon deciding what to pack into it. You can see a picture here to give you some idea of the style.

Today’s picture came from here.