>Evasive action

>The evasive action seems to be working and the ear seems to be less sticky today. (Too much information? Sorry …) I’m not going to run before I can walk, though, and I’m still taking it easy, sitting in front of the fire, drinking lots of tea, force-feeding myself lots of nice food, reading, writing, browsing.

Yesterday evening I mooched through my dates diary again, this time for June. I’ll post my spare ideas tomorrow. As I’ll be back on track to be “thinking” July in January, I’ll post the spare July ideas either at the end of December or at the beginning of January, depending on when I do them.

Another thing I do to find ideas for articles, preferably saleable ones, is check the local events diaries to see what’s going on. Birmingham City Council is brilliant for stuff like this. They have so many free or very cheap events throughout the year that are so interesting, that’s how I sold a lot of my very regular articles … when I was prolific …

Yorkshire does a diary too, so I’m going to have a browse of that. I’m going to start with January and start to book events in to go along to. If there aren’t that many that take my fancy in Yorkshire (but it’s God’s own county and the biggest in the country, so there should be plenty), I’ll spread my net. I’m willing to travel up to 75 miles for a good story and an interesting day out, and if all else fails, I can go walking or bird watching and write a review for that.

So that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few hours.

Yesterday I was able to read some old copies of Writers’ Forum, and I was glad I did. There are a few new authors to me I’d like to try, there’s an excellent ideas exercise for fiction writers, and I identified an overseas publication that may be interested in reprints of some of my short stories. If they like what I sent (they got 4 of them last night), I’ll have a go at writing something especially for them.

I’m seriously toying with subscribing to Writers’ Forum and I may make it one of my Christmas presents from me to me. Other gifts from me to me include the writing bag I collected the day before yesterday (honestly, every writer should have one of these – you can even fit a laptop in it), I’ll get myself a bottle of perfume (Poison Hypnotic), and maybe a CD (I have several to choose from).

Today’s picture came from here. Please do visit their site as it’s all about Christmas tree lights and all sorts of other things.