>June ideas giveaway

>At the weekend I finished my catch up on article ideas. June was the last one I needed to check, in case I can produce something quickly. I found 54 and reproduce 24 of them here for your use. These can be researched articles (general interest, local interest, travel, historic, etc, etc), basic premise for a story, springboard for TV or radio features, nostalgic reminisces, or inspiration for a few lines of poetry. Just remember to include the anniversary or date specific information in your cover letter so the market has an excuse for using it sooner rather than later. You can also use a country’s national day as the reason for anything that includes anything on that country.


  • 1 June – National Day of Tunisia
  • 2 June – National Day of Italy
  • 2 June – St Elmo’s Day
  • 5 June – National Day of Denmark
  • 6 June – National Day of Sweden
  • 8 June – St William of York’s Day
  • 11 June – St Barnabas’s Day
  • 12 June – National Day of The Philippines
  • 14 June – Marling traditionally began on this day
  • 17 June – National Day of Iceland
  • 18 June – Waterloo Day

(Remember to double check the dates before proceeding.)

  • 2 June 1910 (100 years ago) – Charles Stewart Rolls became the first Briton to fly the English Channel
  • 2 June 1970 (40 years ago) – Bruce McLaren killed
  • 4 June 1940 (70 years ago) – Evacuation of Dunkirk completed
  • 7 June 1950 (60 years ago) – The Archers first broadcast on BBC Radio
  • 12 June 1980 (30 years ago) – Sir Billy Butlin, of Butlins, died in Jersey (now I want to write a story set in a holiday camp …)
  • 15 June 1910 (100 years ago) – Captain Scott set out on his 2nd and fatal expedition to the South Pole
  • 16 June 1970 (40 years ago) – Decimal postage stamps went on sale in Britain
  • 19 June 1910 (100 years ago) – First zeppelin air liner, Deutschland, launched (um, also see 28 June …)
  • 19 June 1910 (100 years ago) – Father’s Day initiated in America
  • 20 June 1960 (50 years ago) – Nan Winton became the first woman to read the national news on the BBC
  • 25 June 1950 (60 years ago) – Korean War began
  • 28 June 1910 (100 years ago) – First zeppelin air liner, Deutschland, crashed …
  • 30 June 1980 (30 years ago) – The much loved British sixpence ceased being legal tender

So there you go. If those don’t keep you busy over the next few weeks, nothing will.

I had a nice day yesterday, got loads more admin-y/research stuff done, lots of reading, and I trawled for events for January to attend. I feel as though I have square eyes now, the amount of time I spent staring at the screen. I started with 68 events, and pared that down to 5 days’ worth. I’m not going to do an events giveaway, though, that would take far too long. If you’re in the Yorkshire area, though, or don’t mind travelling in, here is the Yorkshire Events Diary.

Another job I did was switch off the website. I’m keeping the domains, the dot co dot uk and the dot com, but I’m not having a live website at the moment. I’m not switching it off permanently, just waiting until I can get around to bringing it up to date and keeping on top of it. It will only save me around £70 per year, but it’s £70 I’d rather have in my pocket in January. So, if you normally surf on in from the website, I’d suggest you add the blog to your favourites/bookmarks now. I might divert the dot com to here, yet, but I still have a lot of thinking to do on that. I think I still have the email addresses, but I’ll check that.

Today I’m back in the office, just in time for a drop in temperature to begin … and today’s picture came from pixel perfect digital.