>Writing v walking holidays

> Who is going to Swanwick next year? Who is going to Caerleon? Who is going somewhere else? I’m looking at a late July/early August holiday (cat sitters permitting), but can’t yet decide between a walking holiday or another writing holiday. The weekend in Fishguard in February will be a taster as I’ve never been on a writing holiday before.

Do you know where you fancy going yet?

If I go walking with an organisation I’ve already decided it will be the Ramblers. My sister works for another walking holiday company, but they’re quite expensive – the same holiday can cost upwards of £250 more, and the single supplements are heftier. A writing holiday is at least another £50 off the Ramblers’ holiday price again, and it’s in the comfortable indoors.

Alternatively, I can still do the Thames path on my own, and if I do a walking holiday, I can sell loads of articles on it.

Of the writing holidays, I think it would have to be Caerleon. I know lots of people swear by Swanwick and I used to know some of the first people that attended (Birmingham Writers’ Group was heavily represented in the early years), but I’m not sure it’s for me. Derbyshire is beautiful and a lot closer to me and the cat sitters, but if I decided on a writing holiday, it will be Caerleon, and if I know others are going …

One day I’ll go on a writing or a walking or a bird watching holiday in the Greek islands or in the Balearics. But for now Wales is perfectly fine.

Ooh. Decisions, eh?

I’m starting to feel Christmassy – at last. I think it’s because I now know pay day is on Tuesday and, therefore, I’ll finally be doing the last of my Christmas shopping then. I was dreading it might be Christmas Eve, but Tuesday means I can take the day off, as my car is in the garage anyway, and if I get an early start it shouldn’t be too much of a nightmare. I don’t mind that, though. I think it’s all part of the experience. Today is my regular Thursday off, and I may – may – venture into the loft. If I don’t get the tree up soon, it won’t be worth it.

This lovely stained glass tree ornament comes from Artful Accents. I wish she were closer to me, these mosaics are gorgeous, and we wants one of these tree ornaments …