>Slight rant …

>It appears we had snow during the night. Yes, many places have been hit with a few inches, but this is the view from my window here at Sleepy Hollow. I can still see grass. And look at that blue sky. That’s how much snow we had over in the Back of Beyond too.

So why did it take me an hour to get out of my village this morning? We are a single main road on the way to nowhere with around 2,500 inhabitants. And it took me an hour – AN HOUR – to get onto the main carriageway.

The motorway is 10 minutes from my house along this carriageway. There are 12 traffic islands in that space, numerous parking lay-bys, and the odd road mouth or two. So, instead of using one of these many ideal turning-around areas, one selfish, impatient small truck driver decided to turn-around mid-carriageway, and as he did so, someone coming in the opposite direction skidded into the side of his vehicle.

That is why it took an hour to get out of my village. Once beyond this obstruction my journey took the regular time because, after all, we don’t even have any snow. We have a hard frost.

And that’s another thing. We all knew this weather was on its way, didn’t we? We’ve all been expecting it since the beginning of the week. So where were the gritters? As usual, the only grit on the roads was where some little man, who happens to live close enough to a grit bin, graciously and from the goodness of his heart, scattered some grit with a shovel.

It’s not the weather that’s been holding people up this morning and causing accidents, or not around here it isn’t. It’s stupid people like our small truck driver and incompetents that can’t order a gritter truck. Gawd help us if/when we do actually get snow. Who will tell the snowploughs where to go?

I do love the snow, but I do prefer to be home looking at it than out driving in it, and I do feel sorry for those that have no choice. I hate driving in it and will resist if at all possible, but what we’ve had isn’t snow.

Today I’m (eventually) in the office and I’m doing marketing work. We have more snow showers forecast, and they’re supposed to get heavier over the weekend. Oh, we’re having a bit of a flurry right now. Perhaps we’ll get sent home early …

Have a great weekend.