>At last

>There has been snow in many parts of the UK, but here in the Land That Time Forgot it was blowing over us again. We had a few flurries before the weekend, but our trouble really was the cold temperatures – nowhere near as cold as in some countries, but far too cold for our authorities to know what to do with it. Result = lethal roads.

Last night it started to rain very heavily, and that thawed what packed ice we did have … but then it turned to sleet and then it turned to snow and we had around 2 inches fall before 7am this morning (that’s when Holly decided she really, really didn’t want to use the litter tray I’d especially set up as they don’t want to go out, and she nagged me to let her out).

By lunchtime today the sun was melting it … and then we had some good and proper snow fall. This top picture is the view through my front window (see my lovely little car?), the picture below is the view through my kitchen window. (Hmm. Might have to do something with that fence this coming year.)

Yes folks, this is probably as good as it gets.

It’s lovely to watch and the kids have been having lots of fun throwing snowballs, but I wouldn’t want to be out driving in it. Big snow is for walking in or wondering at.

Friday night I stayed in and watched a couple of films on Sky. I loved, loved, LOVED Inkheart, starring Brendan Fraser (or perhaps it was Brendan Fraser I was loving). What a fantastic story for book lovers and storytellers. Then I watched that classic Con Air, starring Nicolas Cage, and pinpointed the origin of one of my favourite lines: Put the bunny back in the box. Brilliant.

Saturday I was supposed to be going to a gig, but the weather was very icy by then and no-one was attempting to get out of our dip at the bottom of our road and I didn’t fancy skidding all the way to Doncaster on my own. Lots of people did make it to gigs, but as I didn’t have to, I didn’t see the point in putting extra strain on the emergency services. So I stayed in and watched the grand final of Strictly Come Dancing. I do think the runner up was the better dancer, but I was chuffed for the winners. I started to watch another film just afterwards, but it was quite rubbish so I switched off and went to bed.

Today I’ve been doing my diary work – my favourite pastime – for January. My diary starts on 28 December, so that’s when I’m pulling my finger out and getting on and doing stuff. I’ll see how I go for the first month before doing February along the same lines, but I’ve got article work in there, short stories, novel work, work on the local history book, future freelance work (think, research, write, submit), the day job, gig list work, regular household chores, and a walk every week so far, apart from when I want to drive down to Birmingham.

And I’ve been watching the white stuff fall.

One of my favourite films (and novels) is on telly at teatime, The Eagle Has Landed, by Jack Higgins, so I want to stop by then and watch that. Then at 8pm Brendan Fraser’s on Sky again (whoop, whoop), this time in The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (no 3). I’ve seen the other 2 already, but I’ve not seen this one.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I take my car in and pick my hire car up. I’ll do more reading/writing/admin work during the day.

Today’s main picture came from Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.