>Oh. My. Gawd.

>I went for it. I cleared the snow off my car this morning, after first calling ahead to make sure there were people at the garage, and I made my way there.

I have a dinky little Citroen Saxo 1.1 and I thought the hire car might be the same, so when I saw another dinky little Citroen Saxo there, I was over the moon … but that wasn’t my hire car. My replacement car is actually a Vauxhall Corsa 1.2, not a lot bigger, but HUGE on the inside in comparison.

Now, for the past 6 years I’ve been telling every car mechanic I know that my brakes aren’t very good, and for 6 years they’ve been telling me to stop worrying, they’re fine. I get into this Corsa, touch the brakes, and am nearly catapulted through the window. We have snow and slush on the ground. I have brakes that actually work. So you can guess I’ve had a couple of wheel spins too. It took me hours to find Reverse, and when I pulled up outside my house – in one piece, no less – ALL THE CAR LIGHTS CAME ON. I couldn’t switch any of them off and when I opened the driver’s door, an alarm squealed at me.

Why do they not provide guidebooks with hire cars? I’d be fine with a guidebook. I can see me being on public transport until I get my own car back late tomorrow.

The roads aren’t as bad as I thought. Ours isn’t very icy at all, the snow and slush is still soft, warm and powdery, and lots of grit has been strewn across the sharp bend on the steep hill. However …

I probably drove about 3 – 4 miles to the next but one village and had to ignore the first roundabout as I knew the road was closed that way. This first roundabout is minutes from where I was going, but I used the second one due to the diversion. By the time I made my return trip, a great big massive articulated lorry was on its side on this first roundabout. There were 3 police cars already there, plus a fire engine and an ambulance on the way. And I couldn’t slow down for the ambulance in case I shot through the windscreen when I touched the brakes. Then, by the time I got back to my village, 2 smashed up cars that were parked safely on the second roundabout had already been towed away. Looks like the emergency services are working well.

We have sunshine forecast for the next few days so maybe that will melt the worst of the snow before it gets too treacherous here. A lorry on its side and 2 cars on the roundabout is quite good going, I think. I hope all the drivers are okay.

I had a nice and good productive day yesterday. I enjoyed my first film, The Eagle Has Landed, but I’d forgotten that even the Germans spoke with an English plum in their mouths. I was a bit disappointed with the third Mummy, but I always am with sequels – apart from Indiana Jones … and Lord of the Rings … and Harry Potter. I often think they should have just left it at the first film. But it was fun, light entertainment. And, of course, Brendan Fraser – although I wish they’d give him a different hair cut every now and then. He always, always looks like Brendan Fraser.

Who knows what I’ll end up doing for the rest of the day? I have plenty to be going on with, I may pop up to the village (on foot) to get a few provisions, and tonight Changeling is on, starring Angelina Jolie. I switched my Sky Movies back on when they offered it at half price for 4 months. I was going to switch them back on in the New Year anyway, but this offer came up and I thought, why not?

Today’s picture came from GreenFinder.