>Let it snow!

>We had snow forecast at midnight last night, but it arrived 4 hours early. It snowed and snowed for about 5 hours and I thought we’d be snowed in this morning. But we’re not. We have the sum total of a grand inch on the floor. How is this so? Do we have heated mine shafts beneath us or something? Or is it just the wrong kind of snow?

I do feel sorry for anyone that has to be out driving in it, but I’m loving it, personally. I took today off and was looking forward to tramping through a few inches. Ah well, never mind. At least it means my journey south should be unhindered tomorrow.

The only jobs I have to do today are wrap presents and take library books back, but I just discovered I can renew my library books online if I want to. There is supposed to be skeleton staff there today, so I could still go down there and return the books I’ve read. But I might ring ahead first to make sure there’s someone there. If not, I’ll just renew them online and take them back next week. I was pleased about that because I wondered if they would still fine me if I tried to take my books back but couldn’t as there was no staff, but I do think they should have some disaster recovery plan in place for those that don’t have online access.

Yesterday I finished work at 4:15pm so I could get to my hair appointment for 5:15pm. The only place I hit bad traffic was Parkgate in Rotherham where there’s a big shopping centre. I’m glad I did my shopping on Tuesday. And if I can’t make the journey to see my family tomorrow, at least I have plenty of food in. I can always go down Boxing Day instead.

I was going to watch a film again last night but didn’t get home in time. I was hoping to see Jim Carrey in Yes Man, but it started bang on time. I turned over to watch John Grisham’s The Firm instead. I got 10 minutes in and remembered every single minute to follow, so I switched off and read. I’m enjoying reading about the goofs on this internet movie database (after I’ve seen the film, of course) to see if I noticed them.

Today I start a new book, A Fairly Dangerous Thing by Reginald Hill. There are quite a lot of films on this afternoon and this evening, but I think my main Christmas Eve viewing will be the 100th episode of Taggart. I selected the story in The Sun for this one, but Google “100th episode of Taggart” and there are plenty to choose from.

That’s me done for a couple of days. Have a wonderful holiday season.