>Chocolate giveaway

>Still on holiday and still enjoying doing nothing, or not having to rush and do anything or beating myself up for not doing something.

I’m thinking of a new title for the blog – well, everyone else seems to be doing it. When we started, our name was enough, but I’ve taken my personal stamp off a lot of my web presence just lately as I was starting to tire of not being anonymous, particularly in gig-land. Okay, my gig list photo did say, “say hello to me at gigs”, but it didn’t say, “hey, just shout out my name, have a good laff, say ‘told you so’ to your mates, and then not even tell me who you are”, yet that’s what many were doing. Or they would huddle in a corner pointing and whispering and then be afraid to even say hello. Why?

So I’m thinking of a new title for the blog. The address will stay the same and I bet it’ll stay the same in blogrolls too, unless it changes if you take it off the blogroll then put the new one on. The title that springs to mind is: “World Famous Nutter Magnet”. But as I’m switching off the website and this will be my main point of e-call, that’s not very professional, is it? I could still add the tag-line “for bringing out the nutter in you”, but I think I need something a bit more gooderer for the main title.

Suggestions on a postcard, and if I choose yours, I’ll also send you some organic chocolate.