>Lazy time

>I really am having a lazy time of it this week. I’m bobbing on and doing an hour here, or an hour there on the gig list, or a bit of blog catch-up, lots of reading, a bit of work when I feel like it, and the odd film on telly.

They forecast “light snow” here yesterday but instead we had heavy rain, which washed away the last of our snow. Today we have sleet showers forecast, but it’s still raining. Yet, there are snow warnings out. I’ve looked at the forecast for Barnsley over the next 5 days, and it looks as though our coldest night will be Friday, New Year’s Day, when it’s going to dip to -6. Everyone on Facebook today is complaining how cold they are, yet my thermometer in the lounge had jumped up so much I’ve dropped my central heating down a notch, and will continue to do so on a daily basis until the thermometer is back to “normal” (about 20 degrees for me).

We didn’t get a huge amount of snow here really, and by last Wednesday the worst of it had passed, yet our dustmen (garbage men) simply didn’t bother showing up. Today our recycled bins are due to be emptied but our regular wheelie bins have been outside someone’s house for a whole week, and people have been adding to them as the days have gone by. I heard a dustcart this morning so I’m hoping I can go and collect my wheelie bin now as I’m collecting carrier bags in the yard – I made one trip out to the bins but they were already over-full.

On Monday I wanted to watch The Jane Austen Book Club again, and while I was serving up my tea I thought I’d taken my last phone call. As soon as I sat down to watch the film, the phone started to go again – and texts started coming through on the mobile. Twenty minutes in I gave up on the film and decided instead to watch Australia. I’d heard poor reviews of this film so wasn’t looking forward to it a great deal, but I thought it was fantastic.

I’ve just been going through the goofs and I’m really disappointed in myself that I didn’t notice a wrong star constellation for the southern hemisphere … honestly, do some people have nothing better to do? I wasn’t watching the sky, I was watching the action. One of the goofs has been corrected as it complained of the film The Wizard of Oz being shown first in sepia and then twice in colour. If you’re going to complain about something, at least get your facts right. Surely everyone knows the start of this film was filmed in sepia? Apparently not.

Last night, because I’d missed the Jane Austen fix, I was delighted to see Miss Potter was showing on BBC2. I settled down to watch this and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was so nice to see scenes in a place I’ve actually visited. Some of it was filmed in the Lake District and I’ve actually been to Beatrix Potter’s home at Hill Top Farm.

I’m still thinking of a new title for the blog, so there’s still a chance to get some organic chocolate if you have any ideas.