>The plan for 2010

>It’s a slightly shorter list this year, but I’m hoping that results in more ticks than last year. Here then are my goals, dreams and resolutions for the coming year, all in one place. Wish me luck.

2010 goals

  • at least 2 holidays away – I already have a writing weekend booked in February but I’m toying with a walking holiday in the summer
  • Christmas in Canada
  • secure a publisher for one of my novels

2010 dreams

  • get another publishing contract
  • reduce debt (continue to see it coming down)

2010 resolutions


  • complete 1 novel
  • complete local history book, Voices from the Dearne Valley
  • write 12 short stories
  • write 12 full-length articles
  • write and submit 12 reader’s letters or fillers
  • NaNo
  • enter 4 writing competitions
  • get the freelance writing/WIP calendar going again
  • learn shorthand

day job

  • tidy office and work out an archive system for the old magazines and newsletters
  • write something for every issue
  • produce 4 magazines
  • assist with and produce 2 brochures
  • launch new website

health & fitness

  • lose the rest of that stone (8lb)
  • walk or exercise every week
  • get my cholesterol levels checked
  • arrange blood sugar test
  • get another broken tooth fixed
  • pluck up courage to see an optician – and hope eyesight hasn’t dropped to below the recommended level for driving …


  • keep weekly grocery bill to £40 or less
  • investigate the possibility of a slow cooker
  • boost my freelance journalism to boost my earning power
  • keep on top of budget


  • get to the theatre/ballet at least 4 times
  • get to the cinema at least 4 times
  • a long-distance walk every month
  • continue to read a novel a month


  • fix guttering
  • repoint stonework
  • paint outside of house


  • start sewing again
  • make the most of RSPB membership

The website will be switched off on 4 January.