>Snowed in

>It finally happened. We eventually had so much snow that we got snowed in down here at the bottom of the road to nowhere. The bloke opposite, who normally makes it out and back, got stuck this morning for over an hour, right in the middle of the road, so stopping another four of us. He gave up and stayed home. One or two cars are making it in and out today, but all I did was brush mine off and clear a path to it.

Time was we were advised not to clear our snow because if it froze and someone, like the postie, slipped, we’d be liable. These past couple of days we’ve been told we have to clear our little bit. I cleared my little bit then covered it with salt … time was we were advised not to use salt as it cracks the slabs, but as we don’t have slabs any more, I don’t think it will crack the tarmac.

I could get the bus, but it’s a 2 hour journey at the best of times, 2 buses plus a train each way. However, I believe many of the buses are off today and it’s quite a long walk.

At 10am today I had a telephone conference to dial into. I was quite pleased because every UK person present save one was working from home today. I didn’t feel so bad then. We had our conference, but two people were on mobile phones and the signal was bad, and we lost another two. We should get some kind of dialogue out of it though, to respond to by the end of the week.

Holly and Domino are hardly going out at all. Only when necessary, and then they’re entertaining themselves with the cat toys. Yesterday evening Holly pulled out every single one again, and left them all over the floor … again.

I might make it to the office tomorrow. We shall see. I’m getting lots of other stuff done. Yesterday I did spend much of the day watching the snow fall, the shenanigans, the children play, the weather and travel on the telly. But today I’m getting a mix of stuff done, work and chores. But I might make it to the office some time tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “>Snowed in

  1. Teresa Ashby 6 January 2010 / 12:26 pm

    >You're much better off staying at home if you can. We've had ice here for a few days which has made walking or driving anywhere difficult, but now we've had some proper snow it's nicer to walk on, but still horrible to drive.


  2. twiggypeasticks 6 January 2010 / 12:31 pm

    >Twiglets school is closed again today, Mr Twigs i working from home so we're just watching the snow through the window. So much nicer when you don't HAVE to go out.keep warm.Twiggy x


  3. carolwarham 6 January 2010 / 12:45 pm

    >I got to work yesterday as I went early, but had to leave the car here and hope the trains would get me home. Penistone Line did very well. Got in this morning on the bus. This is very nice to look at but I won't be sorry to see it go, we've had snow and ice on the ground for 3 weeks now. Off to the Lake District for a week this weekend. Should be fun!


  4. Becky 6 January 2010 / 1:57 pm

    >It's amusing watching the cats in the snow isn't it . My two cats think they can walk on top of it, then are startled when their paws start to sink ! It is trying to snow again now over here although the sun is trying to win through too !


  5. Melissa Marsh 6 January 2010 / 5:02 pm

    >How I wish I could work at home. I could with my last job when needed, but alas, not my current one.Enjoy your day. 🙂


  6. Lacey Devlin 7 January 2010 / 12:15 am

    >Wow! You really have to work to get to work lol something doesn't seem right… 😀


  7. Diane 7 January 2010 / 11:51 am

    >Teresa: I may venture out today, now the snow is packing down a bit. Hope it doesn't get too icy.Twiggy: Our school re-opened at 10am on Thursday. It's been very nice to watch.Carol: It should be lovely in the Lakes this weekend. Hope you can get there safely.Becky: You got quite the snow dump over there, didn't you?Melissa: I don't think I'd ever take another job that I couldn't do at home. It has its uses.Lacey: The bus service is actually quite a good one, it just doesn't reach out into the sticks so well where I am, and that's my biggest problem.


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