>Executive decision

>This week should have been a 4-day week, but with the weather I made an executive decision that I’d rather do 2 x 4-day weeks on the trot than risk going out in these conditions more than I need to. So this week will be up to 3 days off my annual leave (2 if I go in tomorrow), and the tele-conference I dialled into yesterday and the emailing and phone calling I did on Tuesday will mean I’m in credit.

The snow is still lying very deep at the end of our little road. More cars have made it out today and the snow is starting to pack down on the actual road. Later, when the sun comes over (it’s brilliantly sunny today), I’ll go out and clear the car, make sure it starts, and make my little tyre tracks in the snow while its soft so I should be able to get out tomorrow. I may also nip to the supermarket to get some provisions and take a look at the main roads – we’re very cut off and isolated down in our dip. I only need basics like milk and bread, although if they’re short of bread, I’ll whack one in the bread machine. This evening I may make a chili con carne for tea and freeze 3 portions. If I can get milk, I’ll also make a raspberry trifle with one of the pints of milk I already have.

So I’m having an admin day today at home. I need to do some rejiggery in the diary and I need to get that invoice sorted for confidential job #1. Until that money comes in I can’t afford my writing weekend in Fishguard or the emergency guttering repairs. The night before last my central heating boiler started to play up too. I’m hoping that was the cold weather – it was struggling to heat the radiators and the water, but that may be because both thermostats are quite high and the water must be icy cold when it comes in.

If I need a new boiler, that’ll be another £1,000 (apx $1,600) I can ill-afford. Well, I simply don’t have it. Time to get marketing my freelance work.

I hope the roads are passable tomorrow. Aside from getting in to work, I’d quite like to go to a gig tomorrow night. I was looking forward to the company.