>It’s all gone potty

>I can’t remember it this bad for so long. We had light snow showers during the night with a bottom temperature of -8, and more snow forecast for today with a bottom temperature of -10. I made it into work, though, for a couple of hours, but I’m off again shortly.

I did make it out yesterday. Our road was really bad, the main roads were ok, but the Tesco car park was a joke with shopping trolleys (carts) abandoned any old way by bone idle shoppers. I got a few provisions, was only gone for 30 – 45 minutes, but by the time I got back my laptop had gone to sleep and I can’t wake it. This happened once before and I had to leave it 24 hours.

So I am without laptop and relying on the mobile phone. I’m taking the work one home with me so I can at least work – I collected some work too.

Have a great weekend.